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When does Autism get diagnosed?

Hi Moms

Can i ask if there are any families with children who have Autism. 

When did you notice something wasnt right, what were the signs and at what age was it noticed and then diagnosed. what help does one seek? 



  • Sadly this one is a postcode lottery aa different areas will work differently. 

    You may start to notice traits from around 12mths  (not responding to name, not pointing at things, not playing with others, speech issues, sensory issues, needing routine...) but most Drs will not assess for Autism before the age of 2.

    You should make a diary of everything over the course of a fortnight - what is said & done, both by you & the child. Take the diary, along with your concerns to your Dr or health visitor. They will then discuss whether to refer to assessment. 

    Assessment itself can take several months to get through. It is not uncommon to be waiting for a year or longer before getting a diagnosis. 

    Best wishes & good luck getting answers.

  • Thanks Kazzie x

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