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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in July 2017 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's still a few of you to have your babies, please come on over here) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in July 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born July 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 




  • Ahhhh can't believe nearly all our babies are here. 😊😊

    i waited allday Tuesday to be discharged I was packed and ready to go home from 8am and it took till 5.30. The paediatrician came and signed little man off and ironically I was waiting for my prescription (we weren't even there for me) because when I was discharged at 3.15am monday morning they gave me the wrong dose of fragmin!! 

  • It took them 5 hours to take the drip thing out my arm. Was ridiculous! When I was readmitted I just stamped my feet and my midwife actually took pity on me and did everything to get me out the door but should have been out at 1 and was 5 by the time I left! 

  • That's similar to us we've been here waiting since 8 this morning and I'm still waiting so fed up I had to basically beg to be discharged otherwise I said I'd discharge myself 

  • When they mixed up Ollie prescription I sat and cried while the nurse was in the room and was hysterical saying you said we could go home this morning all I want to do is take my baby home 😂 Why have they changed his prescription after hours of saying it's ready. Think they wanted the crazy lady out because 30 mins later the medication was there all packed up 🙈

  • Were not crazy tho just very sensitive lol I was eventually discharged at five after telling the midwife I was self discharging otherwise i got to spend some time with the boys and olly got to have cuddles before bath and bed I've missed his little chop face so much glad to be home now. 

    I've been feeling really overwhelmed and hormonal since being back home I've cried at just about everything, :( I just worry how I'm going to be able to manage 

  • imageIt's my due date today. Can't believe we have already had this gorgeous man for 3 weeks and 2 days ❤️❤️❤️

  • I was really hormonal mummytoolley. I missed being pregnant and I felt really guilty that Charlie had been born early and that he should still be safe and snug inside me. I think it's just hormones and tiredness - you will soon feel better xxxx 

  • I was terrible I think I cried every day for two weeks. I finally feel abit more human but have had a three hour nap today 😂

    awe Louise we are exactly the same babies where the same age at due date but they didn't come to early I was reading that as long as they are good weights they are ready which both our babies are. I felt massively guilty that I made Ollie poorly somehow but I spoke to the DRs and they said with my condition there was always the risk of still birth if you carried on with pregnancy and it looks like there was somethin else going on with me too so he was much safer coming out then staying in. 

    Have you had her weighed ? Ollie is weighing 8 pounds now little monkey ! 

  • I was very teary Tuesday coming home from hospital. Really expected to crash and burn yeaterday but after a relatively decent sleep i Was ok. Suffering with After pains though. Anyone else?? 

  • Yes it's daft how our hormones make us feel guilty. My husband kept saying we are lucky because we get to spend extra time with him as he was early. Yes it's funny because our due dates were 1 day apart and our babies were born 1 day apart ! It was definitely safer for Ollie to come early. Charlie was 8 pounds 7 on Monday so nearly back to his birth weight of 8 pounds 9. He lost a pound because of his jaundice but has hopefully turned a corner now. 

  • We are registering Charlie tomorrow. I think he's going to be Charles Alexander James as all of our children have two middle names. 

  • But now I'm thinking Charles Henry Alexander - arrgghh! What do you ladies think? Have you registered your babies yet? 

  • I like Charles Henry Alexander... coming from someone who is still calling hers baby 😂😂 but it's a lovely name. 

    Im going to phone tomorrow and book to register him then I'll have to name him. I also felt terrible when we were readmitted because thought had he stayed in another 3 weeks he wouldn't have had breathing problems 

  • I registered Saoirse last Friday. She's Saoirse Grace.

    I love the name James. My son is Patrick James. James was my godfather. I was annoyed when pregnant that I gave my son my two favourite names and if this one had been a boy could we call him James Patrick lol.

    I think parenting is like 50% guilt and 50% worry. 

    I need to call and book physio reassessment as I'm having shooting pains in my leg like I've got trapped nerves. My husband's cousin who is a doctor was in earlier and is quite convinced I've broken my toe. She's strapped it for me but it's agony. Feel like I'm falling apart.

    I'm so tired tonight. Had to hand baby to my husband as I kept shutting my eyes doing the feed. In bed now. Hoping to get a few hours before she's back up but her feeding is all over the place sometimes it's 2 hours and sometimes it's like 5.

  • I have an Isaac James

    for the ladies that's are bottle feeding how much do they take?

  • I like Charles Henry Alexander but also like James, if my ex boyfriend wasn't James I would have liked Ollie to be James but he's perfect at just Ollie now No middle name. 

    i like the 50% worry 50% guilt Ollie was proper sick earlier n I think it was my fault as I gave him to much water as he's been constipated bless him. Really makes me worried when he does something different.

    ollie is on special milk n has 50-55mls a feed every 3 hours But it equals about 65MLS of normal milk.

  • Thank you Lillian, I feel like I'm always feeding yet he always wants more. 

  • I feel I am just the milk lady too lol 😂 

  • I feel a little bit better today after I've had some sleep I should have been at the midwife today seems strange he's here cnt get my head around it at all. Got the midwife coming today. 

    To the other ladies that had c sections are you in still in agony I feel like my insides are gonna fall out. 

  • Yeah mummytoolly I think you'll feel better after a week n again after two its such a long process the healing x

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