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Your babies birth month: did you plan to have your baby in a specific month or not at all?


When you were trying to conceive your baby, did you plan to have your baby in a particular month? Or maybe having your baby during a particular month never occurred to you at all?

We’d be so interested to hear if you did plan to have your baby in a particular month, and your reasons behind it. Please do let us know by posting on this thread. We would love to hear from you.



  • We didn't plan for any particular month but we did try and avoid Dec and jan as birth months. its hard to plan as baby making doesn't always go to plan. 

  • I had two Surprises! No planning required. wasnt preventing either. So didn't choose either girls birth month but they have been spaced nicely so I can't complain 😍  I have a September girl and now a may girl ❤️

  • I was planning for April this time around for two reasons:

    1. There are already 2 March babies in our family - my niece and nephew - it's an expensive month!

    2. My late Father's birthday was in April and I thought it would be a nice reminder of him x

    However, I miscalculated when to start trying - I thought I had already ovulated plus it took ages to get pregnant the last time so I thought it would take longer. Anywho, turns out I'm having a March baby (hopefully - all going well!)

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