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I don't like other people holding my baby!

my son is 3 months old we've never been apart because I hate leaving him I don't mind his dad holding him but when his grandparents hold him I absolutely hate it and want to take him off them even when friends hold him, I especially don't like it when children want to hold him because I don't want them to drop him or be rough with him. I don't say anything but inside I'm screaming to get my baby back 

My oh thinks I need some time away from our son like go for a night out but I really don't want to and I don't feel like I need a break from him, I'm dreading going back to work because il have to put him in nursery 

has anyone else been like this? Am I been unreasonable about not liking people hold him 


  • You're not unreasonable - perfectly normal to be worried something will happen to him when he's in someone else's arms. It's also very nice that your family & friends want to cuddle him. What you can do is just limit the amount of time or, better still, come up with an excuse (oh sorry, baby was upset so he's in the sling now - oh well, maybe next time). You will get over it eventually but take your time - it's all perfectly normal, I promise.

    I recall being miffed that some people didn't want to hold my newborn son image

  • I was even worse when he was born I hated people passing him about like he was a doll

    yeah it's nice that they want to see him and things but I still hate it haha! My mum wants him over night and I won't allow it because they don't know his bedtime routine I could tell her it but worried because it's not me putting him to bed he wont settle and I hate seeing him cry 

    I'm glad someone understands cause my oh doesn't understand and thinks im been unreasonable xx

  • Ahh, I'd tell your mum it's still a bit too early to have him overnight. I don't think I've had anyone have my dude overnight yet and he's 17 months! He's been minded by people but we're always home by midnight. 

  • In the same boat! i dont like other people feeding him or changing his nappy! Other half is quite the opposite! 

    always make an excuse to have my baby boy back in my arms 🙈 

    Other half always tells me to go for a night out but im just like u guys! Im just not ready to leave him! Dont want to be  too much if a protective mother, but love him so much!

    worse thing is i have to leave my LO for a week soon!!! Im dreading it 😫

  •  yeah it's far to soon for him to be sleeping out I don't think il let him stay over for a while as all I would do is worry! 

    Yeah im supposed to be out this weekend for a night out but I really want to cancel and stay in much rather have a glass of wine at home I know my oh will be here with him but I no he's ok and don't worry when I'm home x

  • I think it's natural and just instinct you don't like others holding your baby. You're just wanting to protect him xx

  • Wait till you have your second and you'll be desperate for someone to take them off you.

    My son is 18 months and daughter 4 weeks and have no idea when I had a night out but I prefer doing things in the day like shopping, lunch, cinema etc. Maybe try an afternoon to ease you in to it as you do need time for yourself. Go to the hairdressers or get a massage.

    Mine have never been left with anyone overnight so don't worry about not wanting that. I also don't like my other half family holding my daughter or when they get my son to do stuff and laugh. He laughs when others laugh and feel the treat him like a performing monkey. 

    Accept a little bit of help and take some time

  • Oh god I'd hate that and have to say something I find it hard keepibg my mouth shut especially when it comes to my son must be awful for you! 

    i find it hard to accept help because I feel they will do things wrong even my oh I don't really ask for help 

  • It's weird. But as long as if someone is treating your baby in a rough way. So, it's your strong right and duty to do it so. 

  • I feel like maybe there's something wrong with me now, because I love seeing other people interact with my baby and hold him! Don't get me wrong, not strangers lol, but my family and friends! Seeing my husband with the baby makes me want to burst, and Harrison has an amazing bond with my mum! 

    Plus, when other people feed him or change his bum, it gives me 5 mins to run off and get washed or showered! Now I'm wondering if I'm a horrible mum for willingly handing him over to people... 

  • No not at all. I don't mind off loading mine on my family lol just my inlaws

  • I especially know what you mean about children - I worry they will give him germs. I hate it when they put their hands in the pram and   rub his face and hair. It's daft really as I have 5 other children who I don't mind touching him - it's just when other children do it.

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