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Hello ladies. I'm new to this lol. So I'm 32+2 and been having growth scans. I've been told there is to much blood flow to the baby. Their keeping a good eye on baby with scans and monitoring. But just wondering if anybody has had this and have you had to deliver baby early? Worrying incase she has to come early now! What can cause this to happen also? They haven't even explained much thank you! 


  • Then ask for a consultation with another doctor... Or just try to call this one or the surgery if you need info.  This isn't fair really they have not explained anything, at this stage of pregnancy. Maybe next time take someone with you to the appointment, as in stress you might not ask any questions while the second person could control the situation.  I don't know anything about the blood flow so can't help you there. Sorry  that you have to worry and wonder now.

  • Hello I've got a scan on Friday so will ask questions then. My husband has been coming with me but with our child there as well it's awkward for him to listen to as dealing with a bored 4 year old lol. All I really know is that if they need to induce they will. No explanation of what can cause it or the danger to the baby

  • Exactly,  so you also can't 4th decide what would work best for your baby. Tbh, the less you know the worst. I would imagine,  that you would like the baby to stay a little longer in the womb to grow under an observation, which might be done too as well as just play it "safe"  and induce so many weeks away. And if they can give you care until lets say just 4 weeks more,  then what kinda care it would be, how can they reassure you of both safety.

  • How did the scan go?  I hope it's all good news!! Or are you being induced now? 

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