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Boobie business - any tips for getting milk to dry up?

Gave birth to my beautiful baby born born on his due date 28 july after only an hour labour and 4 mins of pushing... go me lol! His so amazing n precious im utterly blessed n in love with him.

My milk has come in n my boobs have shot from a nice 36d to a very sore n heavy 36f and im suffering. Being only a small girl size 10-12 n 5ft2 this is causing my poor back so much jip i can barely walk.

Im bottle feeding and want my milk to dry up as i cant take the pain anymore i cant put my arms down by my sides. Do any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations for feeling more comfy or how to get milk to dry quickly? Also is it best to keep my bra on while bathing?


  • Congrats on your baby! Sounds weird, but get a Savoy cabbage, keep it in the fridge and put a leaf in your bra, when the leaf goes soft and soggy, change it for a new one - somehow it cools your boobs and helps with the milk build up pain. 

    no need to shower with your bra on, but don't let the water run on your chest too long. Hope this helps x

  • Ur a star thank you so much il be heading to the veg section first thing tomorrow lol x

  • peppermint tea and ibuprofen are other options meant to help dry up milk! I used ibuprofen with my first daughter as I formula fed and wanted my milk supply gone. good luck x

  • Thank you very much for ur ideas ladies. My husband thought i had lost the plot when he saw me sticking cabbage leaves in my bra lol ahh the things we do in order to feel a bit more comfy lol x

  • If you score the cold canbage leaves it works quicker. It stinks but it's the juice inside the leave that helps 😂

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