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Hey All, 

Just wondering everyone's thoughts on baby names.

Also what are your thought on the name Shelby, I currently have 3 boys, Louis, Charlie and Teddy, they all end in the E sound and I dont know if people will look at it like a joke if my forth ends wit the E sound too.

All opinions are welcome Xoxo 


  • Hi Lela11,

    My little boys name is Jamie, at the time of naming him a few of my close relatives were not 100% on the name. I am so happy I stuck to my guns and did not let other people's opinions sway me.

    I presume you are having a girl from the Shelby name suggested. It is a lovely name and timeless.

    If not perhaps name him/her after a relative but modernise it, for instance my Nan is called Doreen and my Niece is called Dora.

    I hope this helps, and Congratulations!!


  • Thanks ElizaSage

    Thanks for the advice, Shelby is a name Louis my 6 year old came up with when we told him I was having a girl. 

    I completely love the name Jamie its in my top 5 baby names


  • Lela11,

    Jamie could be for a girl - But of course it would be lovely to go with Shelby and have your son name him, such a nice story behind it to tell people,

    Hope this helped!!

  • Lela11, Shelby was on the shortlist of names we put together for my daughter born earlier this year. Go for it if it's the name you love! A few relatives weren't keen on the name we eventually picked as they hadn't heard it before but I'm so glad we went with it anyway 

    I wouldn't worry about the similar ending sounds either. We went for the name Lyra in the end and are still considering Clara (my second choice of name) if we have another girl next time. 

  • Thanks Sugarandspice85

    I love the name Lyra its so unique and a beautiful name that I could see growing with a person. 

    we have decided that the name Shelby is perfect and my sons started drawing pictures and writing To Shelby on the top and I think that its the cutest thing ever. 

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