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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in August 2017 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's still a few of you to have your babies, please come on over here) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in August 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born August 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 





  • me and mia are doing fine i went back on my meds for depression as i stuggled with the fact mia looks soo much like my little lady who passed away last year we are slowly changing the night time routine image

  • darcy123, it's so lovely to hear from you, and we are so glad you've gone back on the antidepressants - what a tragedy you have been through. Mia is just perfect. 

  • Mia is gorgeous Darcy xx

  • Darcy Mia is such a doll! You've done the right thing seeking help, must be such a hard time for you filled with mixed emotions, sending my love you way! 

    So Seven is 6 days old and it's flying by! It's been eventful, feeding was initially going well but he had really bad tongue tie and my nipple ended up in a right state! He lost almost 10% of his birth weight. Had to move on to using nipple shields and got his tongue tie snipped on Tuesday 😢 He was much more calm about the whole thing than me and my husband were! He didn't even cry! So now I'm letting my nips heal whilst using the shields and hopefully we can transition back over and he's putting on weight like a champ now!

    Sleep has been a nightmare, Sev just wants to be cuddled constantly and wouldn't settle in his Next2me crib until last night... we tried a swaddle wrap thingy and he was snug as a bug! we all got 8 hours sleep, and we woke him up every 2.5 hours for a feed and nappy change. I feel like we're in control now and hope it wasn't a one off! 

    and I've fallen in love with my husband all over again, he's been completely amazing since Sev got here and I'm yet to do a nappy change! 


  • he is sooo cute xx

  • how is steven doing boots 

  • Hello ladies how is everyone we have had the most amazing 4 days and lyra is settling in so well its like she has always been here 

    imageso this is our little lady

  • It's so wonderful to hear from you all and see those babies! How are you coping with all the visitors? Has it been like a revolving front door? 

  • Morning ladies!! Sorry I've been a bit M.I.A! Its been a crazy one! Firstly... how is my dinky baby now 12 days old?!! Can't believe how fast this is already flying by. Hudson is doing amazing. He's having 3oz every 3 hours, and sleeping beautifully in between. We were setting alarms, but he now stirs at the right time which is insane! We're doing good. Really dreading the other half going back to work next Monday.. but it's gotta be done 😞😭 I am in total heaven. And it's been amazing having him home to spend time with.

    Darcy - Mia is a little beaut !! Always good to get a routine sorted as soon as you can.

    Boots - Seven is gorgeous!! How is he getting on with the next to me crib now? Hudson doesnt like his ATM as he's so small, he must feel lost in it. So he sleeps in his moses basket.. but in the next to me. Just so he can get used to being there and we'll try him again without it soon. How has he been since he had his tongue tie snipped? My best friends little girl sadly wasn't referred with her tongue tie till she was 3 weeks old and baby lost interest in breastfeeding so she had to bottle feed in the end. She was gutted!!

    Youngmum - Lyra is a beautiful name, like that little doll of a baby 😍 Hope you're still getting on ok!!

    Sio, hope everything's ok!!

  • image

    Today is my due date and I'm already 11 days old, it's a hard life I'm sooo tired . My mummy still can't believe I'm already here as my sisters were never early. She has been and registered me this morning so I'm an official little person. Hope your all well. XxX

  • Hi ladies

    so sorry I've been M.i.a. Just been having a tough time with trapped wind in Cian and never seem to be getting a minute. I'll have to go on our other thread as I missed loads of the births. Feel awful about that. 

    So glad to see the pics here. Gosh the babies are adorable. Darcy glad you back on your meds and getting the support you need. Mia is adorable. 

    Beki i haven't even checked thread so don't know what you ended up calling your gorgeous little man. Wow you are like super mom you've so much done. 

    Boors how much does seven name suit him. Glad all is working out now for you and he's gaining weight. Here's to the nips healing. 

    Smile hudson is fab. It's mad how they stir near feeding time. I'm dreading oh going back full time. It's part enough part time this week. 

    Youngmum loving the name. It's gorgeous. 

  • imageHere's the man. Actually asleep

  • Awww Sio he's a beaut!!! 😍😍 

    My health visitor came this morning and weighed Hudson. At birth he was 7.5lbs, day 5 he was 7.8lbs, and day 13 today he's 8.11 😂😂😂Proper little fatty!! He's only gone up one centile on the graph so they're not fussed at the weight gain!! But he's changed so much already it's making me sad 😞

    Pic of Hudson just now as we're going out 


  • Aw smile he's so cute. Good on him for the weight gain. Cian is the same. Putting on a good bit. You can really see him filling out. It's amazing how quickly they change. He's lost that newborn look already 😥

  • Smile-Rocco weighed exactly the same at birth and at 5 weird is that!? 

    Loving all the pictures xx

  • i cant belive my little lady is a month old on Thursday and she already weight 9lbs 61/2 

  • image

    My little Chewie is 3 weeks old today and yesterday weighed 10lb 1oz yesterday the little chubs. X

  • sooooo cute xxxx

  • Has anyone got pain in their coccyx. Its been three weeks since epidural and episiotomy but my coccyx hurts so much when I am sitting any Advise

  • Hi everyone, how are you all getting on? Are you getting much rest?

    mummytobe110, how's your pain in your coccyx? Are you sitting on cushions? 

    Please do come and let us know what's going on with you, we would love to hear about those babies. 

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