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Baby gas, constipation sickness and screaming

Some advice please and to know I am not alone! My boy is coming up to 10 weeks. Since birth he has been a very sicky baby even after a long while upright. Always struggled to poo and always hard little drippings. He is also a very hungry  baby and has  from 6.12 to 13lb in this time.

At around 5 weeks due to screaming most of the day everyday and sickness the dr prescribed gaviscon which didnt help then ranatadine and a change of milk to c&d reflux. 

We are now on omeprazole, still sick, have a screaming baby with excessive wind and hard poo! He screams (not crying) legs up to tummy, goes red and is difficult to settle. The wind is very lois and smelly. Along with this he can't lay on his back, he sounds congested when he does and thrashes about. 

Tried infacol, gripe, dentinox, colief. Bottles with vent. And the reflux meds listed. He was prescribed lactulose as and when but that makes the wind worse and only soften it slightly. 

Is is it true that it eases at 12 weeks??


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