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Has anyone got baby merc travel system

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has any reviews of the baby Merc travel system...I was also wondering if the car seat fits into the car rear facing as it doesn't seem to say on any of the websites. It says forward and rear facing when used on the pushchair but doesn't mention about it's use in the car. 


  • All newborn car seats that ft on travel systems are rear facing in car.

    my sister on law got a baby merc from eBay dor her son in 2012 and hated it so much. It wasn't very sturdy and broke within weeks and she ended up buying a silver cross. That's only time I have ever heard of the company. She got it from eBay for around £150-200 but ended up a waste of money. 

    Its probably improved since 2012 though

  • Ah I'm glad you have said about them all being rear facing as that was something I was concerned about.  Thank-you for the info about your sister in law too...I may have to re-think my options then X 

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