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Suggestions!!! Need some advice!!

Hi, I have a, who will be 12 weeks on wednesday, son and am a single parent. I live at home with parents and sisters, one of which I see weekly.  My other sister, I seem to be having a lot of anxiety and problems with.  I feel there is no authority what so ever when asking to do or not to around my son.  For example, I have asked her not to come near him if she has been sick, this includes touching him obviously.  This she ignores completely and after numerous chats of explaining why I do not wish for my son to be in her contact while sick, she continues to do so.  I am a nurse and am fully aware how to minimise illness being passed and spread.  A second example is her knees are very weak, so much so she can collapse to the floor in a heap as a result of her knees giving way.  This doesn't happen regularly but does happen any where, any time with no warning at all, one time being 2 days ago. I specifically asked her today to sit down while holding my son because I was fearful of her knees giving way whilst holding my son.  Again, she ignored and stood and becomes very passive aggressive when asking her to sit ect. I am in a position now where she is stating I am isolating her, picking on her which is not the case at all.  I have asked he not to swear around the baby as well as my parents and other sister too.  This she has told me I am just going to have to get used to the language.  I feel I cannot approach her about the issue because when I do try, I am shut down by her completely. Am I being too critical With my requests Or is what I am asking  genuine concern to other mothers too? This isn't all of what I have problems over but the most proninant currently.

hope to hear some replys and suggestions! 


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