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reflux, Gaviscon, constipation

My baby daughter is 8wks old and has been diagnosed with acid reflux. It is very distressing as shes sick out of her nose and mouth and nearly chokes each Doc has prescribed Gaviscon which SEEMS to be working BUT she now cannot poo! I mix 2 sachets with her formula as it thickens it so she can keep it down. She also has colief in her milk as she suffers with colic(which has eased since using the colief)what can i give her for her constipation? 


  • How’s your baby daughter now? I know your post was a few weeks ago so I’m hoping she’s much better now. I’m following as this sounds identical to my son who is 7 weeks old. Any advice or tips would be grately appreciated. I’m a very worried FTM. Thanks 

  • For constipation, you can ask your GP's for medication (movicol I think) but it might be worth exploring other avenues for the reflux. Firstly, they sometimes over prescribe the gaviscon so maybe ask if you can reduce the dosage? You could also ask for carobel which is a thickner for the milk or try the anti reflux milks that are on the market.

    The next step up for reflux meds is usually Ranitidine or Omeprazole.

    Best of luck x

  • The Osteopathic Centre for Children in Wandsworth and Shoreditch are worth contacting. The OCC provide osteopathic treatment to babies, young children and mothers. 

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