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Where is my daughter's fave toy from?? Hopefully someone knows!

Hey all, 

I've looked everywhere and googled everything with no luck. 

This is currently my daughter's favourite teddy- we have tried pretty much every option, but she knows the difference straight away. It's getting really raggy and will only hold up to so many more washes. Does anyone know where it's from?!imageimage


  • I feel your pain! Kids are so switched on aren't they?! Did you cut the label out? If not take a look (and take a pic of it to post here so I could see)... all children's products have to have registration and tracking info etc on the label so you might be able to do some detective work from that. 

    Wishing you luck!!!

  • How old is your little girl? If you can't track down another one of these (Primark actually have some similar) maybe turn it into a big thing of buying her a new toy? Good luck! 

  • The tag is so faded now it's just white! Thank you for the suggestion :) 

    She's had it for about a year so the chances are slim on finding it, but I havent checked primarks (we are in Aus, but it was a gifted toy so could be from anywhere, the person isn't even sure !) Sadly we've tried that, she does like other ones, but she loses interest very quickly and searches for this one! 

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