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Baby names: did anyone ‘steal’ the baby name you’d chosen – and how did it make you feel?

Hi everyone,

Coming up with baby names can sometimes be tricky, especially if you think you might have found ‘the one’ and somebody steals it from you! We were hoping you might tell us if this has happened to you and somebody stole your baby name? If so, how did it make you feel and what happened?

Please do let us know by posting a reply to this thread, if you’ve had your baby name pinched and what happened afterwards - we’d love to hear from you!



  • So i found out i was having a girl and we had picked our name my cousin also found out she was having a girl and announced on Facebook she was calling her mila so when we found out we announced we was calling her alice well fast forward to my daughter being a week old after being registered my cousin announced that she has called her little girl alice as well.  And had her on the same day! i was upset at first but found it as a compliment that our girls name was so nice she chose to use it as well plus we don't live near each other so out children wont be growing up together xx

  • Not stolen exactly but we found out the gender at ten weeks and picked a of my other Half's colleagues is due a few weeks ahead of us and she announced a name after her 20 week scan, it was the same one, so we went back to the drawing board.

    We have another now, we are 21 weeks+5 and we are keeping it to ourselves.

  • I made sure I announced my name nice and early so no one could accuse me of pinching it. Luckily no one has yet, but it is tipped for the Royal Baby grrrr. I have had it picked out for years and don't want it to suddenly become really over popular.

  • All the favourites for royal baby name are already really popular aren't they?

  • We announced our little girls name just after the 20 week scan. I have a cousin I really dont get on with and she fell pregnant soon after our scan and had said she wanted our chosen name if she was having a little girl. As it is shes having a boy and isnt due until Jan and im due in 2 weeks so theres no way she could steal it haha! 

  • Yes!! I was in the nicu unit with my daughter and a young girl came in with her daughter who at the time was called chloe. A few days later she moved in to room 10 ( your going home soon room). My daughter freya then got moved in there the next day. A doctor came in and asked to see freya. So the nurse said weve got two freyas and pointed at that girls baby and then over time mine.  -.-

  • Not really at least not in my area. Not obscure either but I didn't want a name in the top 30, my step daughter has the most common name (popularity wise not class wise) and there's always dozens of them everywhere we go and I'd hate that for this one

  • Suppose this is similar but I was expecting my first baby with my partner and I found out he was cheating we were expecting a boy and I really liked the name charlie, found out my partner was cheating on me with a girl called Charlotte and he saved her number under the name charlie. Needless to say my son isn't a charlie I went back to the drawing board we broke up for 6 months fast forward 5 years we have 2 more children together. I actually got accused of stealing my friends boys middle name even though she knew from the start his middle name was going to be James she just banked on her baby coming before mine. I won that one but she registered her baby 2 hours before me so I suppose I stole it from her lol

  • My son is called Patrick, so is my cousins son. They live in Spain so they've never met and I've not seen them in years. It was our grampas name so people understood why I picked it and noone batted an eyelid that we already had one in the family.

    When my gran was pregnant her SIL was pregnant too but further along. My gran announced if it was a boy she'd call him David and her SIL was raging. She had a boy and called him Hugh but gave David as a middle name...2 months later when my mum was born, Hugh got dropped. 7 years later my uncle got called David anyway.

    When I was pregnant the second time my SIL stated I couldn't pick david  (also my husband's name) as she wanted to call her son it (she's not pregnant) I was that annoyed I'd have called him david out of spite but she was a girl.

  • We chose Jacob and annoynced it in the delivery suite so from the start it was his name. The woman in the bed next to us on the ward didn't have a name chosen and apparently her and her partner weren't agreeing. Everyone kept coming to see me and calling him Jacob, 2 days later the lady got discharged... leaving with a baby Jacob. I know it's quite a common name but still couldn't believe she'd gone with it.  

  • Not as such, we disnt know gender and only had the boys first name picked. Luckily we had a boy! The girls name oh liked, I knew a girl that had a daughter with the same name, first and middle so that was a big no no.

    any more babies I have I will be more prepared on the name front lol

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