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    Hey Girls!!!!!!! Long time no speak!! Your little ones are so adorable!!! Can you believe how quick the time has gone? 

    I have already started weaning (Said I’d wait 6 months but couldn’t resist)...........on day 3. Just started with a little baby rice once a day. I tried peaches and pears yesterday. It’s so funny watching their little faces! 😂

  • Hey girlies,

    how are you all! 

    Sorry been so busy like we all have :) 

    My twin boys are now nearly 7 months (5 months corrected age) and doing very very well.

    Georgie rolled over for the first time last week and both have started tasting solids. 

    Teddy has baby eczema so I have him up quite a bit at night whereas Georgie sleeps through from 7-7. 

    They had their developmental reviews in Jan and both doing well. We're in the process of moving so been very busy. 

    Hope everyone is well and your little bundles of joy are progressing well and growing lovely :) 

    At their last weigh in in Jan they were both 14lbs. 

    Heres a pic of them now :) 

  • image

    Georgie and Teddy xxx

  • ChelseaJojo, your boys are amazing! Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right! And it's so wonderful to hear from you!

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  • Hi everyone, hope you are all well! Just wondered what are all your little ones doing for naps? Max will nap but usually after dinner for up to 3 hours, but will only have the one nap a day. occasionally he’s had two shorter naps but it’s rare. He can self sooth most of the time and goes to bed between 7.30 And 8 every night then sleeps til 7 but will wake twice to feed in that time. do you think I should encourage more naps? And any ideas on how to do that? thanks xx

  • Chelseajojo, the twins are gorgeous! 

    Nellie has started having vegetables - pureed for now until she’s 6 months (in 2 weeks). She hates broccoli but loves cauliflower & carrot. 

    Frankie86 - nellie will usually have 3 naps a day (depending on what we are doing). She’ll nap in the morning for around half hour, then her next nap could be an hour and third nap could be up to 2 hours and then she goes to bed at 7pm. 

    image She also went into her cot last week 😩 can’t believe how quick they’re growing! We had 2 good nights, 2 bad nights now back to a good nights sleep. She wakes up once or twice for feeds x

  • Thanks Katie suppose they are all different! Max went in his own room last night didn’t seem to bother him, slept the same as usual! Think it bothered me more, I watched the monitor a lot 🙈😂 she looks very comfy in her cot, those sleeping bags are lifesavers aren’t they, he moves about that much he’d have any covers off in no time! X

  • Hey Girls,

    I gave up on weaning for a while as Bella didn’t seem to want it. I’ve started again this week and she seems to love it Now. She loves Avocado with a dash of lemon juice xxxx

    Bella goes down at 8pm and sleeps through til 8/9am. She doesnt wake in the night for a feed but I choose to dream feed her before I go to bed at around 11pm. This is due to her only taking x3 7oz bottles throughout the morning/day/evening which isnt enough so I give her the extra feed while shes sleeping. She feeds better when asleep as doesn’t get distracted! 😂. Sometimes she does stir but we pop the dummy in and she goes straight back To sleep.

    Bella will have two naps in the day both for only around 30 mins (1 hour if I’m lucky). 

    This is my little Baldy! 😂 Her Hair has only just starting coming back after falling out xxx

    image image


  • Hello ladies & gorgeous babies!! It’s been a while I keep meaning to reply and then find myself doing something else 🙈 all these beauties are growing so fast!

    My little kady was 5 months on 18th Feb.. started weaning at 18 weeks she seemed to take to it quite quickly like my older girls & now has 3 little meals a day.. she has 3 naps a day first is early morning then mid afternoon and one last little Cat nap before dinner.

    she goes down between 8-8:30 - 6:30/7am hoping to get her down abit earlier soon.

    she has also been accepted into a few modelling agencies we accepted The best one for us Bonnie & Betty not sure if anyone’s heard of them they are really hard to get into but an amazing company!

    glad to hear everyone’s doing well! 

    Heres a picture of my little beaut 🤗💕



  • Hello ladies.. 

    oh my what beautiful babies!!! 

    How are we all doing and did you all have a lovely first Mother's Day :) 

    My boys have recently moved into their own room and big cots and they sleep so much better. Georgie has always slept much better and tends to do 7:30pm through to 7am but Teddy sometimes wakes him.. Teddy is the chatty twin who likes to talk at 4am.. but his eczema had a lot to do with his wakings. But since we moved flat and moved them ino their own room he's doing so much better. They are also on porridge in the morning and puree'a in the afternoon. They have 3 naps a day, one around 1-1.5 hours in morning then an hour at lunch and a small one around 4pm.. we tend to get them into their cots by 7/7:30 and they self settle themselves off to sleep...

    They have their own little personalities coming through..absoutely love being a mum and can't believe maternity leave is flying by and the little Twinkles will be 8 months end of the month!! 

    So glad everyone is doing well and babies are thriving. 

    Considering my two were early I'm so proud of them. Here's a few pics from the weekend :) xx


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  • Thanks for the heads up Danielle:) :)

    Oh I hope a twin buggy comes up :) xx

  • When I think that I’ve grown my beautiful four babies inside my body & given birth to them I think we just don’t get given enough credit! My little one is now 6 months & im just loving life! Learning to love my body as it is just incredible& grateful I’ve been able to carry my children!

    6 months postpartum & im 5 lbs away from being back at my goal weight I haven’t been at this weight since just before my 3rd daughter passed away in 2016. Feeling very proud of myself!!

    Mummies let’s not feel ashamed of our beautiful bodies we’ve been so lucky!! We’ve earned our tiger stripes & maybe that extra bit of jiggle but hey that’s what the gyms for! 🤗💖🌎💪🏽

    Here’s a picture I made yesterday it’s crazy to think your belly stretches to these extremes lol x


  • Danielle, I’m still not getting mortification for the forum. Any suggestions???

    my poor baby has gastroenteritis 😩 she was so sick last night, first time she’s had “human” sick!

    image She’s still so smiley even though she’s poorly! 


  • teeteee, you looking absolutely incredible! What diet and exercise have you been doing? 

    Oh Katie93, so sorry notifications aren't coming through - have you added [email protected] to your address book? That would be great if you can do that, as we suspect the notifications are going to junk, so if you can search your junk folder too and mark them as 'not junk' that would be fab. 

    We're so sorry to hear Nellie is so poorly (though she looks so happy!) Is it coming out of both ends? 

  • hey Danielle I’ve just been cutting carbs to a minimum watching calories no junk only one treat a week & I go gym 3-4 days A week :) 

    HAPPY 1st EASTER September babies!!!

    here is my little bunny kady 🤗😁😍🐰🥕💖🎊

    lets see the rest of the little beauts!! Xx



  • Hey Girls. 

    Wow Teeteee!! Your body looks AMAZING!!!! Slightly jealous!! I’ve been dieting but just cannot seem to shift the Baby Bump. Its when I eat it just goes soooooo bloated!! 😢 They say it takes 9 months to make a baby and 9 months to get your body back so I’m good for another 3 months 🤣.

    Oh no Katie. Hope your little Beauty feels better soon! 

    I had to call an ambulance Saturday night. Bella couldn’t breathe, she was like doing half breaths And had this horrible cough that sounded like a Seal Barking. It came out of nowhere At 3am. Turns out she had Croup. They took her to the hospital and gave her this shot thing to clear her airways and then she was fine. After doing some googling it’s fairly common but experiencing it for the first time.....It was hands down the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

    Heres my Little Dolly. Weighing 17.1. 

    image image

  • Ahhh the babies are all so cute 😍. 

    Oh Babyboom2017, that sounds a bit of an ordeal. Is she better now?? 

    Nellie is much better .... a tiny person wiped out 5 adults with the bug! But everyone is better now thankfully. 

    imageimage Nellie is trying her hardest to crawl & has learnt to plank! 


  • Hiya ladies,

    How are we all? and most importantly how are your little munchkins?

    My boys are doing well. Georgie has got 3 teeth now, happy little one, not rolling over or sitting up etc but hes taking his time. He still sleeps very well 7-7 and always happy.

    Teddy is undergoing physio for his neck where he struggles to lift his head off the floor on tummy time etc.. He also has eczema but we are on top of that and his sleep is a lot better.. poor little love... he is the chatterbox of the two and has started to say Babababa... found his B's. They are 9 months at the end of the month corrected age of 7 months. 

    Love watching them interact with eachother. Here are some recent photos of them having a chinwag :) 

    Joanna xxx


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