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Bleed on our 7 week olds brain

Hello everyone, 

I have a handsome, tubby baby boy. 

Last friday he fell unconscious after trying to push a poo out. We rushed him into hospital where he was found to have a bleed on the brain. They currently have no idea why the bleed occured. 

The facts so far:

I have ehlers danlos syndrome

He appeared healthy up until this episode

We werent looking at him trying to poo, we heard him. When we went to change his bum he was lifeless

He has not been knocked or dropped

I have a healthy daughter from a different man

Both me and my partner are being accused of hurting him to cause the bleed and we cant even see our two babies. We need to find the cause of the bleed to get our family back.

Please, if you know anything to help us, speak up.

Thank you so much for reading our story, 
Callie Francis

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