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bout after birth

i had a baby on 27th sept i got stitches but does any 1 know best pads sorry if tmi deleted if not welcome here x


  • Hi becca... no apologies needed... not TMI... that's what we're all here for to get advice and support! 

    This is going to sound crazy but after I had my little one I used 'depends' underwear for a while! I would put a regular period pad inside it & it was great! I loved them because it had the extra layer of absorbency if needed, were very comfortable to wear and gave a little bit of support to my tummy which felt good as it held my wobbly tummy a bit & also helped me feel a little more confident under clothes. I have since recomended it to several friends & they all loved it too!

  • Also because it gives a nice bit of padding on the lady bits it made sitting a bit more comfortable! (i had stitches too)

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