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Naming your baby: how long after the birth did it take you to decide on your baby’s name?


We’ve just been reading about a woman in the USA who took a whopping 7 weeks to name her baby boy, and it had us wondering how long after the birth, did it take you to decide on your baby’s name? 

Please do come and tell us by replying to this thread, how long it took you to name your baby after they were born - we would love to hear from you! 



  • Me and my hubby decided few days before we found out the sex on the names including middle names either way so very quick

  • We were still deciding as we entered the registrars office! 

  • We were stuck between a few for about 24 hours. We narrowed it down to two and hubby ran it passed the Midwives on the Maternity ward before we finally decided! 

  • Wow Louise 111, any regrets or are you happy with what you ended up choosing? 

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