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July 2017 Babies - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 2017 Babies - Part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Thanks ladies. She's always said exactly what she thinks  but unfortunately I'm not one for confrontation so I never stand up to her and I wish I would.  She doesn't really like children so never helps me with the children which is a shame for them.  At least when she's been today we shouldn't have to see her again for awhile. 

    Mummytoolley i  hope Charlie feels better soon. You definitely made the right decision not having the injections. Charlie has his third set on Thursday unfortunately so I'm not looking forward to that. 

     How are your days going up to now ladies? 

  • Well Daniel was screaming at 9.30 so made a bottle and put him on his front as that settles him better and is now fast asleep and hasn't had bottle

  • How did it go Louise 

  • Can you have a big glass of wine if you express some milk? Must be hard not to be able to look to your mum for support.

    Just waiting for Patrick to come home from the inlaws.

    Had a nice afternoon taking Saoirse into my work and my brothers work. She was on top form.

  • I can't believe it Daniels 3 month 1 weeks and he's learnt to roll from his front to his back

  • Aww Charlie :) he sounds like a clever little man I cnt believe how much they've all grown Charlie's three months tomorow.

    Aww bet they all loved her Katt :) I refuse to take Charlie to work I took olly and one of the nurses let the patients hold him I went nuts 

  • Hello ladies, hope your all ok! Im going into work Friday for cake and cuddles (Joseph not me) Joseph was 3 months yesterday 😬 We're is the time going! What a clever little man Daniel is 😊 Hope today wasn't to bad Louise.

  • My mums just gone. She was a nightmare as usual but the children enjoyed looking at her photos of America so that was something I suppose. 

    Hope you've all had a good day xx 

  • My husband has a really bad cold. The past two nights have got worse for snoring. I sent him up to bed early and I was finishing up Saoirse's feed at 10 and I can hear him so I'm cutting my losses and made a bed on the sofa. I've taken my pillows and a duvet and set myself up. Saoirse still sleeps in the basket so thats lucky. Hopefully I will sleep

  • Awe Katt everyone's full of cold atm hope you get some sleep.

    Today's been so long between getting in from work and waking up at three to get the boys sorted fed and bathed it's 8 and I'm out the door again cnt wait to finish tomorow for a few days off with the oh and the boys.

    Some of the boys Xmas presents turned up today lol 😂 the oh didn't know I spent more than agreed 

  • Morning all! 

    Thata great news Charlie about Daniel!!

    glad things went well Louise! 

    Do you get a few days off in a row each week mummytooandc? 

    J's just got rid of his cold and I've woken up this morning with a scratchy throat, not great at all! Hopefully taking him swimming again today :)

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  • Yeh dizzy I'm off til Sunday now I'm ready for a break im shattered and works been hard the last few nights. Charlie's been enjoying his kick and play piano today he and olly seem to be on the mend


  • hi all completely forgot about the new thread hehe 

    louise how u finding the mat? I'm getting really paranoid about SIDS i think it's because there's loads of posts about it knocking aroundn I'm thinking of getting a mat too 

    I'm getting board in the day now need some fun cheep things to do that's weather proof lol i booked onto a baby first aid course starting September I find all the groups are really early in the day n I'd rather go in the afternoon 

    wow cant believe Daniel is rolling over how cute 

  • Mummytoolley I've just taken Charlie off his piano mat. He was on it for ages - he seems to like it 😀

    Yes movement monitor is really good Lillian. 

  • Wow what are these piano mats you talk of, ill try anything. Joseph likes his baby gym but gets bored quite quickly. He's not great this evening, feels really hot but took his temp and it's only 36.5 he's gone to bed but I keep checking on him. 

  • imageIt's a fisher price one bincey. It's the only thing charlie will go down on xx 

  • They kick the keys and it plays the notes and tunes xx 

    Injections tomorrow 😔Lillian did you say yours  were tomorrow too? 

  • Bincey they're worth every penny sweetie Charlie loves his he was kicking his legs like mad and gurgling away :). He gets fed up of his mat now I've ordered him a new one but it won't be here until the end of the month.

    Hows everyone night going I'm so glad to be off for a few days I need time to relax and spend some quality times with the boys 

  • Thank you ladies, will def look into one. Think he would like that. Is that Charlies 16 week ones? Where is the time going 😬 Hope they go ok.

    mummytoolly hope you have a good few days off with the boys. 

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