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How to convince oh to have another baby

hey ladies I’m 24 with a nearly 6months old baby I really want to another baby and it took us so long to conceive my son by the time we conceived another there would be a good age gap I don’t ovulate often which is why we had trouble conceiving my son

how can I get him to understand that it’s guna take ages again so can we just see what happens

I'm currently on the pill 


  • Thing is, you just don't know either way how long it could take to fall pregnant again - it could take months, but then again it could happen really fast - you can sometimes find your body is different after pregnancy and you fall really fast, but who knows? 

    Why not suggest to your OH that you come off the pill and see what happens - maybe take it slow for a while, so don't use ovulation sticks or anyting like that, just keep track of your periods and have sex when you feel like it, rather than trying every month to fall pregnant. See how that goes for 6months? Maybe 'easing' him in, rather than purposefully trying might help? 

  • thank you for your reply 😊 we talked last night and I’m no longer taking the pill but we’re not trying just if it happens it happens 😊

  • Oh great! I reckon that's the best way - and try not to stress, but just enjoy yourselves x

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