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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in October 2017 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's still a few of you to have your babies, please dont be shy, come on over here) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in October 2017 Birth Club so far but have a baby born October 2017, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!  




  • Hello ladies, I thought I could start this one off and tell you about my experience with Andre so far. 

    As a first time mummy there are a lot of things no one tells you and you find out yourself and think is this normal am I supposed to feel like this? Why is this happening to me?! 

    The thing I find most difficult at the moment is breastfeeding and all the pains that go with it and wonder will it get better?! Apparently it does! and I will persevere as I want to bond with him as much as possible and also want him to get all the benefits of mummy‘s milk. 

    Then there’s the pain down there that doesn’t seem to go away not to mention I got an infection in my stitches and have to take antibiotics. 

    Andre is amazing tho and looking at him and cuddling him makes everything bearable, it doesn’t matter I haven’t slept much in the last 6 days that I had him or that my breasts feel like they’re about to burst and can’t even touch myself with a towel after I showered, being with him is the most azing thing i’ve ever experienced in my life! 

    We’ve been out for walkies quite a bit, got a lot of visitors, friends and family that have brought prezies and some of them food which is always good and helpful so can’t complain much really, is good getting all the love and attention at the moment. 

    How are you girls coping with everything?! Xx 

  • image

    Charming mummy with his cute little face 😍😍

  • Hi ladies 

    Charlie is a little dream, he got weighed yesterday and is now 7lb4oz up from 6lb11 last week and eating like a horse.  I've had to up his bottle to 4oz because he is always hungry.  Expressing is going well I'm getting about 9oz per day but still on formula.  The nappies are abit explosive lol.

    we had to go and get his hearing tested again as his ears were to wet after birth and all is ok even tho she had to use a different machine because they are still wet.

    hes very good at night and goes straight back to sleep.

    Hopefully going to get him registered tomorrow.

  • Hi all. Harry is still wonderful. It's a lot harder than I was expecting. I think the first week or so worrying about his weight didn't help. 

    Harry was finally discharged from the midwives today. Harry put on 150grams in two days. He is back up to 7lbs 5ozs and hopefully be back at birth weight by Tuesday when health visitor visits. 

    Harry sleeps well. Unfortunately he will still only sleep on us and I'm finding this pretty exhausting especially as Allan goes back to work Tuesday. 

    Breast feeding is getting better. Harry is feeding well. I can't express much still but there is plenty of milk there expressing just doesn't seem to work for me yet. We are still having some formula top ups but plan to wean him off them with the health visitors help to make sure he doesn't loose weight. 

    Harry only cries when being changed or when he wakes up alone in his basket. He absolutely hates it. I hate to hear him cry. Hopefully he will get better and sleep in his basket soon. Fingers crossed. 


  • Hi Ladies

    i just posted on our other page and seen we have started this one!

    what a first 9 days! well the shock.of going into labour 3 weeks early certainly didnt help. i found recovering from the emergency c section hard and frustrating as i want to get out and about but slowly getting there. im healing well so thats a bonus.

    Bf has been a struggle and i have just been giving emily expressed milk via a bottle and formula and decided to ween to formula only as im finding expressing time consuming and making me feel a bit low. Emily has tongue tie so cant latch properly so its extremely painful to breastfeed. 

    Her little umbilical fell off a couple.of days ago so we are going to attempt her first bath today 😁

    hope your all ok? 

    nothing prepares you for how hard it is but the love you feel is amazing x

  • Hello ladies, hope you’re all ok, having a good time bonding with your little ones and you’re not very tired hehe. 

    We’ve been discharged by the midwife as we’re both ok, no sign of infection in my stitches anymore and Andre started putting weight on. 

    I am a bit worried tho as my partner has a throat infection and Andre’s poes have turned into mucosy green and i’ve read that’s a sign on infection so i’m hoping he didn’t get it, do you think I should make an appointment with the GP?! 

  • Hi Grisinutza

    Glad to hear your on the mend!

    if your worried make an appointment, better safe than sorry. also although the midwives have discharged you they are still responsible up to 28 days after birth (well mine said that to me) or give your health visitor a call for advice! 

    let us know how you get on x 

  • Hey ladies, thought I should come back with an update to my last post. I rang our health visitor thet day and told her i’m A bit worried about the green mucousy poos Andre is having for the past week, and she said that he’s digesting the food very fast which can happen, if he doesn’t show signs of infection like high temperature and not feeding properly then he’s fine... 

    How are you guys getting along with motherhood?!

  • Hi ladies!

    Glad to hear all is ok with Andre grisinutza 🙂

    We are doing fine - breastfeeding was a bit of a struggle to start with but we are getting there. Luke is very hungry during the night so we are giving him formula as he seems to sleep much better (And gives me a bit of a break too!)

    Unfortunately over the past few days his newborn rash on his face seems to have spread a bit and looks pretty angry which is making me sad, although he doesn't seem to be phased by it! I took him to the pharmacist who recommended Aveeno baby moisturising cream so will give that a go and fingers crossed it clears up soon. He's also had some bad wind which is making him uncomfortable so we are trying infacol for that. 

    I can tell already that life with a baby is a life of worry but I'm sure it will all be worth it! I'm absolutely loving being Luke's mummy and can't imagine life without him now!

    Hope you're all well, looking forward to some updates soon hopefully - quite a few names havent been in for a while! Xxx

  • Hi all 

    hope you are well. Isn't motherhood exhausting but just amazing. I'm barely finding time to eat myself lol. 

    Austin will be 1 month old tomorrow! I can't believe it. In one way I can't remember life without him & seems a long time ago & in another it's gone so fast. He's on formula now & @grisinutza his poohs seem a yellow/green colour I was getting worried. He's also been quite windy.

    Also @Memza89 I've bought all the aveeno baby range in health visitors recommenda it was half price in Tesco so I've stocked up. 

  • Hey everyone, we wondered how are you all getting on? 
    We do hope you're getting some rest? 

  • Hi Guys. Congratulations to everyone. I have been trying to keep up with what's happening. I am loving the cute pictures and everyone seems to be doing well. 

    Harry has finally gone above his birth weight. Last Tuesday he was 7lb 9oz yesterday a whopping 8lbs 9ozs! He will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I cannot believe it has been a month. 

    I love him more than anything he is wonderful. He is quite content in general but still not a fan of being put down for naps. He is taking infacol for colic which has helped with the screaming in the evening. However he still just wants to be cuddled. 

    We are still trying to breast feed. More formula now though due to Harry having thrush but the treatment is working and I plan to carry on for as long as I can. Formula feeding is fine but a faff. Yesterday I spent a fortune on a perfect prep machine and new steriliser and travel stuff. 

    I'm not used to being at home all day and have been trying to get out more during the week. Buses are annoying cannot wait to drive. 

    Hope everyone is doing great and getting someimage sleep (distant memory) 😐

  • Hi everyone. Today is the first day since going into labour last Weds (Sam was born on Thurs) that I feel almost human. I had a tricky labour which ended in an epidural/episiotomy/forceps delivery and I'm struggling to cope with stitches combined with postnatal life.

    Did anyone else have a similar birth and is struggling with stitches? 

    Sam is beautiful and contended and just a lovely baby. We went to formula feeding after he lost too much weight from me breastfeeding. I just couldn't get on with it, even though I loved the bonding aspect.

    I can't believe how much my life has changed and I love it. If I didn't have pain, I feel that life would be perfect. My husband is a naturally amazing dad and has looked after both of us wonderfully. I feel truly blessed :)

  • Melona it will get better. I did not end up having a vaginal birth but I was in a lot of pain after the epidurals and spinals. The Cesarian was actually bearable. Take the pain relief as frequent as allowed, even if it means through the night you'll be greatful in the morning  

    If your in pain going to the toilet my friend highly recommended warm water or the shower. Not particularly nice and I'm a clean freak but she ended up with a kidney infection because it was so painful going for a wee. 

    People who do this alone or whose partner can't help as much in the early weeks have my greatest respect. I would have just cried without Allan 

  • Melona I had stitches myself and the surface has opened up so I feel your pain! 

    theyve also just tested me for strep B and it has came back positive. Feel asif everything that could go wrong with me has happened! ive been prescribed a wound gel that will hopefully stick it back together and antibiotics. 

    My biggest advice is when you pee, lean right forward so your hands are on the floor - best advice I've ever been given! 

  • Sorry to hear you ladies are in pain! I had a c-section so my no is full in tact 🙈I just can't wait to drive again. Hubby doesn't drive so it's been pretty frustrating having to either walk laces or have our mums & dads running about after us. 

    Luke's wind seems to be improving although I would like him to be pooing nore regularly. But the main thing is that he seems to be a lot more comfortable - made me so sad to see him in pain 😟 His skin doesnt look so red today either but it still spotty. We have the health visitor again tomorrow so will see what she says

    Luke had 2 Halloween outfits yesterday 😬🙊❤️🎃


  • That's my noony not my no 😂

  • Ahhh love it Memza!!! He's a wee cutie

    Heres Finn's 💚


  • Ahh Mike Wazowski! Love it haha! how you getting on hun? 

  • I've been good Memza tah! partner is back at work and I'm not going to lie it has been a bit overwhelming sometimes. The breastfeeding makes it tough because all the feeding is on me.

    But it's a challenge I want to keep going with! I went on my first walk by myself today - most nerve wracking thing ever. Hoping my confidence goes up 

    Finn has conjunctivitis in one of his eyes, i know how you feel when you look at them you just want to take anything that's annoying them away 😢

    How has been motherhood been treating yourself?

    Is anyone else struggling with venturing out on their own?

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