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4 Week Growth Spurt?

My baby boy was 12 days overdue, and is currently just over four weeks old. I'm breastfeeding. For the last 6 days (ie from 3w 3d), he has had a voracious appetite. For the week before this he had slept well and fed 2-3 hourly in the day and 3-4 hourly at night. Since six days ago he has fed probably 12-14 times a day. He can literally finish a half hour feed, have milk in his mouth, and be crying for more 10 minutes later. His sleep has been poor. Sometimes 6 or 7 wakes, on a good day 3-4. Am I doing something wrong? Does he actually need all this milk? I'm confused because I thought growth spurts were 2-3 days, so now that this is ongoing I'm wondering if I'm encouraging a new routine to develop. He genuinely won't stop with all his feeding cues and crying until he's eating again though... help!!


  • Thanks for the replies everyone! 

  • It's so tough with breastfeeding, cause for a long while you are feeding on demand, and you have to, to keep your milk up and lots coming through. He could totally be having a growth spurt, and likely he is really hungry, but have you thought about trying a dummy? Have you mentioned this to your HV too? 

    Try and keep him on the breast as long as possible (45 mins of you can) so he gets to the hind milk - thats the milk that comes after the fore milk (the stuff that comes first) he receives when he feeds - the hind milk is the fatty goodness that will hopefully keep him fuller for longer. 

    Sounds like you're doing a grand job, and it might just be something you have to wade out. x

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