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Hunger, wind and crying.

My twin boys are 5 weeks old now. In the first couple of weeks i had trouble getting C to feed at all. He lost a lot of weight and ended up back in hospital. With a lot of perseverance and trying all sorts of tricks he is now thriving. Waking up regularly for feeds and is a very content little boy. However, at 3 weeks old i started having problems with K. He is hungry all the time. I ended up putting his bottles up bit by bit until he was taking a 6oz bottle but then an hour later he was hungry again. He vomits quite a lot and has lots and lots of wind which he gets quite pained with. I have had him to the drs a few times about this but the only remedy they can offer is gaviscon. Whenever hes not feeding hes crying and rarely sleeps. When i do manage to get him off to sleep i put him in the moses basket and ten minutes later hes screaming the place down. 

Any advice or little tips anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated. 


  • he could be going through a growth spurt? Also my ds had bad wind also so I had to spend ages winding him after every feed before he would settle! best way for me to get the wind up was if I had him sat on my knee id rotate his top half around in circles!

  • Hi MrsMalik. I can say we have through the same situation I cam remember my daughter giving me the same headache. I even went to see a doctor. I was told that iot is npormal and that the child is just growing. However, different doctors have different prescriptions. My daughter never use to sleep at night. She will cry the whole night and sleep during the day. It was during the early 3 months so  was not going to work. So I had to reschedule my activities. I used to do my house chores at night and sleep during the day. Children can sometimes be so stubborn. About your child having some complications with eating is a different story. Actually it is also dangerous as the child might loose weight. The vomiting should also be taken seriously. My daughter had only issues with sleeping. So I had to find the convenient time that will suit her sleeping patterns. You can do the same too. You should also go and see a doctor for more information.

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