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Just had a baby? Does your partner sleep in the same room as you or somewhere else?


We’ve just read a survey, which says that over 40% of new dads sleep in a separate room to their partner and baby. We would love for you to come and tell us, does your partner sleep in a different room to you and your baby, and if he does, why?

Please do come and tell us by posting a reply to this thread, if your partner is sleeping somewhere else, and they are too. We'd love to hear from you.




  • At the moment we are doing a bit of both. We will sleep in the same room in the middle of the night (from 11/midnight ish) and then I take Sam in his moses basket to his own room at about 4am. 

    It means that my husband can get on and have uninterrupted sleep and I can chatter with Sam and have the light on while I feed and change him. I have a recliner chair and footstool in Sam's room so I can nap between feeds as and when I feel like it.

    For some reason, Sam's room has a really peaceful atmosphere too - it's my favourite room in the house! - so I like being in there with him and getting him accustomed to it before he is in there on his own in a few months' time. 

    Not sure how we will work it when my husband returns to work next week, but I like it as it is at the moment. 

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