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Sorry if this seems yuck but i Have a 3 month old baby who was 8 weeks early and was in scbu for 7 weeks he is on neutriprem 2 and on omperizol for his relux. He hasnt pooed for 2 weeks we have given him lactoloce from the doctors he did poo but it was a greeny slimy colour and very smelly and hasnt pooed since. Is this normal or should i speak to the peridatrian next thursday when we have his apoiment. Sorry about the discription but worried.  


  • I would deffo speak to your babies doctor, and also if you baby is not pooing for that length of time, maybe ask for baby Movicol as this is much better than lactulose. Also worth asking if the reflux meds could be whats bunging him up. Don't be afraid to take a picture of his poo too, should the doctor want to see it. 

  • Thank you so much xx

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