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Who bought your big baby stuff, like your pram and cot? In-laws, parents, you or someone else?


While we were at The Baby Show on the MadeForMums buggy testing track, we spoke to loads of pregnant women, and some of them told us, either their parents or their in-laws were buying them their buggy. 

We wanted to ask you, who bought your big baby stuff, like your pram or cot or car seat? Did you get treated to it by your folks, or maybe your in-laws treated you?

Please do come and tell us who bought your big baby stuff, by posting a reply to this thread. We'd love to hear from you! 



  • My parents are buying our pram set and my in laws are getting our nursery furniture 😊

  • Hey! My parents bought us our travel system and my OHs parents bought us the nursery furniture :) 

  • We bought all our own big things (pram, cot, car seat) but parents did buy travel cot and highchair.

    I preferred it that way as I knew exactly what I wanted and would have felt guilty asking my folks to fork out for it 🤣

  • With my first my parents bought my pram and my gran bought the car seat. My Aunt bought the crib and bedding etc and mother in law bought our tommee tippee set. We bought the Rest.

    second time my parents again bought our pram and we bought the rest. Reusing the crib. 

  • With our first my dad bought the cotbed and my mother in law gave us a pram from a family member (I really didn't like that pram haha) 

    This time we are reusing the cot and we have bought a double pram ourselves. My sister is pregnant too and if family had to fork out it would get very pricey! Xx

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