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Change in baby's routine causes anxiety

I have worked really hard to get my baby into a routine with much pressure from my partner. My baby girl is fantastic and copes really well with her routine. The only problem is when routines change e.g on my partners day off I find it hard to cope. My daughter will still feed at usual times but our routine will be out. My partner says he understands but moans that I seem to be able to change our daily routine if he isn't involved. How do you cope with changes to your usual day? Thanks 


  • This was exactly me with my first child. I am a bit of a control freak, but i find being in control and routine really helped me with my general anxiety, so when i was forced to stray from routine (say something as simple as being out all day, and that changing my daughter's nap time or getting home later than planned) it would make me so anxious. 

    Honestly, i went back on anti-depressants which did help. But i also learned that being out of routine for a day is ok, and things should go back to normal. Also, babies have a way of sometimes throwing our routine out the window too - just try and go with theflow - easier said than done, but ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen? You'll just start a new routine too, as and when. 

    You'll be ok, maybe have a chat with your fella about things, and explain how you need things to stay in routine, for your own sanity. 

  • I am the same and I find the repercussions only in reality affect me not baby. Baby will still do what baby was going to do behaviourwise but appreciate side effects of a lack of routine may be worse as they get older.

    I would pick a portion of the day be it morning/afternoon/evening where your partner looks after your child and you do something for you that may ease the anxiety e.g. a bath or a magazine as long as you are comfortable with. Your partner will understand more, gets bonding time alone and possibly even develops his own routine over time.

    I'm no expert but got so fed up of the same thing and running to my partner because he can't reach the remote when baby has fallen asleep on him or left the new nappies in a different room type stuff. I stopped running down to help and went for a bath and he learned to cope. Happy mummy=happy baby!

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