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Lonely tired and don't know if I have PND

hi.. don't know where to start.. I'm 25 and a first time mum to a baby boy.. love him with all my heart. But some days are a struggle then most. 

When I was pregnant I couldn't wait to become a mum and welcome this baby that I dreamed bout.. had a emergency c section and he was in neo natal for a week due to ammonia. broke my heart to see him like that and I felt helpless I couldn't do anything to help just sit with him and hold his hand.. he was in an oxygnaited tank so couldn't hold him for long.. 

problem only happened till my partner went back to work.. he cut down his hours and was here most days. And he helped out a lot. Let me sleep when needed it but when lb got older he started doing more days and more longs days 12-12 some days.. so I was left doing it all.. I had help from my mother which was amazing. But she couldn't do everyday or at night.. I didn't get to see him much either. Which put a lot of pressure on us.. im here most days on my own just me and my lb I'm tired all the time and can't sleep. It's extremely overwhelming. Feel like giving up some days.. my friends have babies and children so don't see much of them at times. Then I feel gulity in doing things with out my partner so don't do them at all.. I have to be in the mood to go out some days. 

7 months later could you have PND or do I even have it at all.. 

need help do I need to see a doctor 


  • I don't have the answer but resonate with some of the things you say. Just going to state the obvious that sounds like you were not ready for your partner to go back to work with those hours and I am sure he means well and wants to provide but sounds like you want/need him back for a bit. You need to talk to him and be honest.Even if he has to do those hours you never know what else he may do to help if he knows how you feel. As for your friends it is hard when you all have children and a big effort is required but bet you feel better when you do. You just stopped reaching out for help from a variety of people and everyone then assumes everything is fine. You haven't given up. Just stop doing it on your own and just ask for help. 

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