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The first ever photo of your baby: come and show us yours!

Hi everyone, 

Fancy sharing the first ever photo taken of your baby? Please do tell us if you remember when the photo was taken, and if you also remember your thoughts or how you were feeling in that moment. 

We would love to see your baby pics and hear how you were feeling, so please do share them here, by posting are reply to this thread. 



  • Delivered by forceps in theatre 8 days early. I remember feeling like it wasn’t real and was in a bit of a daze with all the medication! image

  • imageimage

    My twin boys Georgie and Teddy in their incubators.. Both delivered naturally with a labour time of under 4 hours and 45 mins of pushing! first time mum! i was feeling very overwhelmed and grateful they were ok after coming 8 weeks early. They remained in NICU for 29 days. They are now nearly 4 months old and 11lbs2 and 11lbs5. I couldn't hold them for 2 days after they were born which was so so hard. Xx

  • image

    7.40am on 11/10/17

    Aayla June Haywood

  • image

    This is me with Charlie born 11/7/17 I remember feeling exhausted and shakey from the anesthetic


    This is me with my first little boy olly Michael born 24/7/15 I had pre eclampsia and had to have an emergency c section I remember feeling overwhelmed that I went from being me to mummy in the space of a few hours

  • image

    This is Lyra, born by emergency caesarean following my induction 13 days after my due date back in February. This photo was taken by my husband 8 minutes after she was born. 

    I remember feeling very relieved at hearing her cry given she kept going into distress during labour. I hadn't yet seen her when this photo was taken - I was (unintentionally) completely immobile from the neck down due to complications with my failed epidural and subsequent spinal block so I wasn't able to hold her or have skin-to-skin for a short while after she was born. So I was dying to see her but a little frightened too as the anaesthetist said it wasn't a common complication! Exhausted also after 12 hours of labour and 72 hours of very little sleep or food. Shaky from the epidural and I remember having a very dry mouth! But overall relieved and happy.  

  • imagePhoenix....Minutes old following home birth (12 hour labour) on my third baby.. I felt utter relief and exhaustion and of course love 💕 

  • We have to say, thank you so much for posting these pictures. Made me go and dig out my ones too! They are so incredible to see - like looking at little miracles. 

    Please do keep on posting them - they're incredible! 

  • image

    Seconds old baby Jesse xx

  • Chamilto, that picture is incredible! And it's SO lovely to hear from you! 

  • Gosh I am welling up at that picture! Well done you!!! Hope you and baby are well. A great example of how fantastic the nhs truly is also.

  • image

    Riley, my little girl; three hours old here. Born via elective c-section (9th January 2018) I remember feeling completely overwhelmed, as though the entire thing were a dream. I had gone into shock in theater and couldn't even look at her when they pulled down the curtain. Felt so bad afterwards, like I'd missed something very special.

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    My baby boy odin seconds old born 18/12/2017 via emergency c section, weighed 8lbs 11oz... I'd been in hospital 5 days already as they had tried to induce me because he wasn't moving much..I had an epidural that stopped working and then I was in quite a bit of pain I didn't dilate past 4cm and my time was up to keep trying, so was rushed into theater at this point I'm very tired having been awake for ages, starving as I wasn't aloud to eat in case I needed the c section and very irritated and all I wanted was a sugary drink like coke but wasn't aloud anything but water...I was getting contractions while they were trying to put the needle in my back to have the c took 45 mins for them to get the right spot...I wasn't a happy bunny lol then all I remember is shaking uncontrollabley and being really Cold...I was sick twice throughout the c section on my partner once 🙈 it's all quite hard to remember from when I got the needle in my back to the next day but I was just so happy he was here and overwhelmed by it all but also was very tired I remember it not feeling real like u couldn't believe he was my baby..we both stayed in 5 more days and this is us now he's nearly 7 weeks old :) 


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    Hector at a few moments old, just been born by emergency c-section and hubby took this photo to show me before they brought him over to me as I was getting panicky and needed to see my baby 💕

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    Jenson a couple of hours old. 

    He’d been taken away from me straight away as he needed resuscitating and then was whisked To intensive care. Hubby took this and sent it to me while I was waiting rather impatiently to be allowed down to see him! 

    I still struggle to look at this pic now, brings back overwhelming emotions x

  • image

    This is me and my little man Ollie after an emergency c section due to distress on pushing . I didn't see him straight away as he needed rescue breaths and a little help and I couldn't hold him until we was all swen up due to me being poorly but finally I held him .... i was totally out of it but It is one of the few things a remember !

  • imagemia just born imagemia now 6months old

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