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November 2017 Babies



  • I gave him his first bath today and he actually loved it! He was crying before but as soon as he was in the water he stopped and was so interested.

    today we went for our first outside walk in the pram, im not including the hospital trip the otber day Lol he was so good slept for the whole time we were outside, fed when we were at my nans, then slept the whole way home!

    Karen I am trying to baby wear lol. I ordered the Hana soft wrap sling just to try but my friend recommended the caboo today so was thinking or ordering that too to see what I prefer, I’m thinking it will be easier to get on so that sounds better for us! Love the jumper, where is that from?? He is adorable he looks like a little doll xx



  • Babywearing is the only way I have managed to get anything done!  I saw some hoodies like that on Facebook where did you get it from? Defo what I need for dog walks. 

  • Love those hoodies I think I will invest in one as I always worry baby Will get cold in the sling

    Jadeelx so glad Nasr enjoyed his first bath :-)

    We went to the local church Christmas fair today and Iris met Santa for the first time :-)image

  • Jade, it might be worth you looking up sling library's near you. I've never been to one, but apparently they are great for trying out different ones, and learning how to put them all on. Saves you spending money on one and finding you don't get on with it (although I do love the caboo!). 

    I'm loving all these pics and updates :) 

    I will try and trace the email about the hoodie and let you all know where I got it. I know I saw it advertised on Facebook and just went from there. Shipped from America though so took a few weeks to arrive. Totally worth it! 

    Are you all using some kind of soap to bathe your little ones in? 

    Managed to finish (pretty much) Christmas shopping today. But suffering for it now :( how is everyone else recovering from birth (especially those fellow section mamas). I don't know if I'm expecting too much of myself, but it's been over 3 weeks now, I want to be back to normal! 

  • Ah I have a hana sling but not used it yet and i have that hoodie but it’s huge. I need to see if they will exchange it. 

    Loving all the pics. Such cuties. Grace also loves a bath. 

    How are you all doing with them sleeping in a cot? Grace won’t sleep on her own, so we are co sleeping. I know this is normal but wanted to see how you guys are managing and what you are using. I have a sleepy head but makes no difference. She just grunts and fidgets then cries. But we get a good 3-4 hours between feeds asleep when shes on me. 

    Im finding recovery slow.  my pelvis is so painful and I can only walk a few minutes. 

    Im still expressing and breast feeding  it’s tough and a lot of pressure to produce milk but we are coping. my supply dropped slightly yesterday, so it’s been hard work today. 

    Mochi have you posted your birth story yet? Congratulations Noah is gorgeous xx

  • Yes there is a sling library I can get to, so am trying to book in! 

    My scar has been bleeding since having stitches removed but seems to be bleeding less, triage said it looks ok and put some strips on to help keep it together, as there was a slight gape. It’s sore but I’ve managed to stop taking pain relief so it’s obviously less sore than its been. Im still not up for a lot of walking though, I’m struggeling with what I can wear as everything I have seems to sit low. I’m only 1 week post op I feel i have a long way to go to feel normal 😔

    Feeding has been going well, trying to build a stash in the fridge so my husband can help with feeds but find it hard to get time for expressing, also yesterday when I did I struggled to get 50ml. I think I need to get two pumps in a day for a feed which is demanding 😴

    Nasr is sleeping in his crib, I find since putting in a swaddle bag he settles a lot better as he wakes himself up otherwise with his hands. He has been feeding incredibly often though during the night, last night it was hourly for feeds, so at times I think I had slept whilst he was still feeding. I feed terrible for the head nodding and realizing I’ve slept but it’s been so hard to stay awake. 

    WLj does she sleep in between you and your husband in the bed or on your chest and you just hold her? 

    I put a few squirts of Aveeno baby wash in the water earlier just to give it a bit of smell, but didn’t pump soap actually onto him. i top and tailed him first with normal water. 



  • I'm already finding sleep difficult. He refuses to sleep anywhere unless it's text to another person so I haven't been able to sleep in days. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Im looking forward to trying babywearing once I’ve recovered more from the section. A week in and im miles better than last week but can’t help feeling like a burden, I still need so much help to do things and know I will for some time yet :( I know I need to take it slowly but it’s so frustrating not to be able to do what I want to! 

    oliver is doing well but gets very frustrated trying to latch on and needs a lot of help from me - we were told on Friday he has tongue tie so I’m hoping we can get a referral to get that sorted for him to make his little life easier! 

    Congrats to all the other new mums :)

  • Laurah Just seen your pic, so cute!! Xx

  • For Ivys baths I am adding a squirt of Johnson's bedtime bath(no matter what time we bathe her!)

    Recovery wise I am now 1 day shy of 5 weeks, and feeling pretty normal(but no csection). However I still feel a pressure build up if I've walked/stood too much or if I've done too many pelvic floor exercises so I know I must have some healing to do down there still. I am a really actuve person so i can sympathise with the feelings of not being able to do what you want, however I do think I pushed myself too much in the first 3 weeks and that's without major surgery so defo keep resting guys! 

    Ivy won't sleep in her crib, or alone either so we have been co sleeping. Sometimes like right now she has to be actually on me! She sleeps to my left, with me curled round her and her own blankets. And I also have a mountain of pillows for when I need to be sitting up feeding/ sleeping. 

    Jade I had a terrible week for the head nodding during a feed, but have been doing much better with it now...maybe it's the practice at sleep deprivation or the playing on my phone during who knows! 

    I want/need to get her sleeping alone/in her crib though so am giving her up to 8 weeks then I'm going to put in an effort to trying her alone more. This week I've managed 1hr in the crib and about a 30min daytime nap not on me! 

    I too am breastfeeding and pumping. I don't follow a set pattern, but try to pump at least once a day. Though it depends what I'm doing and how much she is feeding. I have found 1 boob produced more for the pump than the other so that's my go to pump boob. Just managed to pump 80ml which I don't think is enough for a feed but is enough to tide me over so I can shower/pop to the shop etc. I also find i get less at different times of day, 9am pump yesterday was only about 30ml but the 3pm one was 80ml.

    Ivy is managing feeds without the nipple shields now but we aren't quite there with the latch so sometimes it's a tad painful and I have to put a lot of effort into getting it better. Today I've used the shields all day just to give myself a time to recover!

  • I'm almost 4 weeks post section the sound has healed really well apart from one end which went a bit scabby but it looks great I still get a burning pain around it and it's tender to touch but I guess a lot of healing is happening underneath. Jadeelx I am still wearing my maternity leggings as they come above the wound although they are slightly baggy now going to brave trying some pre pregnancy clothes on this week 😞

    Iris sleeps well between feeds most of the time and although she loves to be curled up on my chest she will settle in the Moses basket.

    Feeding is going great Iris weighed 7lb 8oz on Friday so 1lb 2oz more than when she was born 😀 I expressed colostrum before she was born which she had when she had jaundice and I expressed some when my milk first came in and Iris was struggling to latch because they were so full but other than that i haven't expressed I want to so my husband can do a couple of feeds especially in tje evening but i have read to wait till 6 weeks. We had a bad night a few days ago where she just wanted to feed all night I got upset that breast milk wasn't enough for her and she was starving so i went and got some formula the next day however since that night she has been fine and the formula hasn't been opened and I now realise that it was just a one off and chances are she will have another bad night but we can get through it! 

  • How is everyone doing?

    Finally got some sleep but I just can't seem to let him sleep without supervision just yet. He refuses to sleep laying flat on his back so he's actually been sleeping in his carseat and it works like a charm 🙂 I believe it's okay to let him sleep there. I've had to formula feed for a bit because I've become too sore for breast and milk hasn't come in yet but I'm going to try to pump today just in case. I just hope I'm making all the right choices for him. I'm always second guessing myself and wanting to ask for help.


  • When do you ladies think babies should be given their first bath? I'm still kind of hesitant.

  • Laurah I am wearing my over the bump maternity leggings today! i only have 1 good pair so just ordered another, as I feel like these will be v needed for the next few weeks. Nasr has been feeding so much too and at times I felt like how can we do this, its so hard. Last night he was feeding for 20mins or so every half an hour from 11-6😴. I think for me just focusing on getting through each day is what I have to do.

    mochi I think it’s normal for him to not want to sleep flat on his back, think of him being all snug inside you for 9 months and now being in a spacious crib with no snuggles, it is a big adjustment. Have you swaddled him??

    I gave Nasr his first bath after 8 days, I kept it really quick and only did it then as he was starting to look like he needs it, and after all the dirty nappies  😵 

    if you think Noah needs a bath why not just top and tail him instead for now? hospital advised to wait 5 days until you bathe them. 


  • Hi Mochi, we just spotted your post and wanted to let you know, the official UK guidelines say a baby shouldn't sleep in their car seat for more than 2 hours at a time - you can read about it in this article here.
    As Jadeelx says, have you tried swaddling?  

  • Thank you Danielle, we don't keep him in the straps or unsupervised in the car seat. Just when he's fussing but won't sleep flat. Using it just to make him sleep then transferring.

  • Yes have tried swaddling as well 🙂 going to give it another shot though

  • Let us know how you get on Mochi. This sleeping newborn thing can be such a tough nut to crack! 

  • Mathan had his first bath yesterday after his umbilical cord stump fell off.  He seemed to enjoy it after a few cries getting using to the water.

    On day 5, Mathan only lost 40g since birth and he’s been feeding very well. My milk has already come in and I am already expressing some for storage as my milk flow is too quick for him so expressing some out before feeding Mathan helps.

  • We keep trying 🙂 pacifier seems to help him get to sleep and so far hasn't made it difficult for him to latch or feed. Trying not to overdue it on the pacifier though but it's what's gotten him to calm down long enough to lay on his back for a nap.


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