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November 2017 Babies



  • Here we are, first time using the wrap! 


    Nasr was weighed today, he is almost back to birth weight, has gained 300g since last Tuesday. Will be re weighed on Friday but it’s looking good so far that he is gaining. 

    Cute pic mochi, how was he been this afternoon? We have that sleepsuit! X

  • You two are absolutely adorable jade! Can't wait to use mine ♡

    Got him to sleep flat successfully for the first time today. Slow but we are progressing! He's been such a good baby so we couldn't possibly ask for more.

    His feeding seems fine and I've had some milk come it last night although I'm worried we aren't giving him enough. With him being a large baby I believe he'd be ideal at 100ml every two to three hours but sometimes doesn't seem all that hungry. We were supposed to see a consultant today but she never showed... I'm worried about him dropping too much weight.

  • Aww that’s good news! I know it can seem slow, but he’s only a few days old, it will take time.. your doing a great job. 

    Well breastfed babies will feed a lot more frequently than formula babies as breastmilk is easier to digest, and they can tend to take a bit longer to gain weight on it (this is what midwife told me today), so if your milk has come in and he is feeding as often as he wants I wouldnt worry. Breastfeeding is supply and demand, so if he is demanding your body should be making enough for him. What I can say is if your pumping as well it can make you feel a bit as if your not producing, but babies empty the breast far easier than the pump. If I pump even now I struggle to get more than 50ml still per sitting, which isn’t enough for a feed, but if I put Nasr to the breast he will feed far more than that and be content. Also ive realized that some days it seems like he is feeding all day, initially I felt like I must not have enough milk to satisfy him, but I’ve also found out it’s normal for them to want to feed almost constantly and that I do have enough. 

    That’s bad that the doctor didnt show up!! 

  • Mum2be I also express a bit before feeding Fletcher. With my first, I had a very strong let down and quite a bad oversupply (I was exclusively pumping for the first 5 weeks due to nicu). And this time I have a very very fast strong let down, so he gets very windy. So I just hand express for a minute first. I also have a nature bond pump to use, but am yet to try that. 

    Jade, what a great picture. You both look very comfy with that sling :) 

    My toddler has a sickness bug, which is fun. Hoping the constant feeding stops Fletcher from getting unwell at all. 

    He isn't being weighed again until 6 weeks, but at 2 weeks old he had gained a whole lb, and he just seems to have put it on very rapidly since then and is looking massive now. So I'm not concerned. Although he only has 1 dirty nappy a day. But, again, I'm not concerned cos he has plenty of wet ones, and the 1 dirty one is massive!!! 

  • Yeah she sleeps on my chest and I literally image move all night. She’s now going 4 hours between feeds and that’s even direct breast feeding which is reassuring. I’m still expressing with every feed too as I want to keep my supply uP. 

    I bath her every couple of days as her pooh Explosions warrant this haha 

    ive also being using my Hana sling round the house. It’s so handy when she doesn’t want to be left. Although she’s sleeping well in the day most of the time. 

    We have been out quite a lot too and doing normal things which has been nice. I’m 5 weeks PN now so I feel back to normal apart from lpwer back weakness and pelvis pain. But it’s getting better. 


  • That’s meant to say “I don’t move all night” haha would be bad if I moved all night x

  • Hi everyone, quick reminder, please can Joojoo, mum2bNo2, karenlouise90 and mum2bNo2 pop me a PM with your name and address... 

  • Karen I hope she gets well soon and fletcher doesn't catch it! Wow what lovely weight gain, well done you.

    WLJ I’ve been doing that the last few nights, he’s been quite windy and the position seems to be the only way he can be comfortable. 

    I got two wees and a poo-d on this morning all in the space of 5 seconds when changing misters nappy. 😱😂

    We are off to register him this afternoon!! 

  • I’m having to give ds1 some breast milk before I feed Mathan cos my let down is too quick for the little man but ds1 doesn’t mind it.

    Mathan doesn't sleep very well in his own crib at night so am having to let him sleep on my chest. During the day he sleeps very well on his own and on the poddlepod. So don’t really know why he doesn’t like his crib at night.

    He‘s been getting a lot of hiccups after some feeds and spitting up some milk as well.

  • wow nice to see all the lovely baby pics and updates.

    We had a much better bf journey so far compared to my previous experience (no.1 had tongue tie and latch problems plus low milk supply). I had engorgement and blocked duct when my milk came through. I found my electric medela breast pump was boosting my supply when I pumped for relief so opted for one of the nature bond pump used twice took a long time and with sore nipples didn't find it comfortable. I got other warm and cold remedy patches which helped plus hand expressing

    I also started waking to feed every 2hrs just for relief. It has all settled now and he never lost weight seems to be gaining a lot we went from the 25th centile for weight to 75th centile 

    I heard so much about the caboo wrap so ordered this https://www.naturalbabyshower.co.uk/products/close-caboo-cotton-blend-carrier and used today for the first time to drop off no.1 at the nursery. 

    Baby J sleeps well in sleepyhead during the day seems to wake a lot more at night and sleeps in his snuzpod for an hour or two if we have a good night. Most times he wants to look around. I love the cuddles so can't complain just scary as I often fall asleep and once woke up when his head was slipping off my chest. I now drop him down just to be safe


  • We had a bad night last night Iris was awake from 9.30pm-5am she just wanted to feed but then would fall asleep but as soon as I put her down she would wake and show signs of being hungry again I was so tired and got upset as thought I wasn't giving her what she wants/needs. I haven't needed to express other than when my milk came in to help with latching but i had a small amount in the freezer so in desperation gave her that in a bottle my husband gave it to her and the whole time I'm sure she was looking me saying what is This! I had to go in the bathroom and have a cry. I dont know why im getting so upset over all this as I initially thought we would mix feed as breast feeding wasn't successful with my 1st but Iris has been so different and I am enjoying feeding her. 

    I am wondering whether to express some milk incase of another unsettled night then my husband can at least feed her whilst I get some sleep but when is the best time to express I'm worried if I express then she won't have enough for next feed I'm sure this isn't the case but just wondered if anyone else expresses when they find the best time to do so is? Xx

  • Laurah I normally express before feeding Mathan as my let down is too quick for him. Sometimes I express just after a feed as Mathan normally feeds on one side at each feed.

  • Ah Laura it’s so hard isn’t it. But how old is Iris now? It sounds very normal to me and Grace has done this. It’s cluster feeding and means she just demanding your boobs to produce more milk. It’s important to let her go with it but does mean some sleepless nights. It doesn’t mean you aren’t producing enough milk, but hey natural way or making sure more will be ready for her growth spurt. Grace has fed all day today. Sounds like you’re doig a fab job and just go with it. Can you sleep with her on your chest in between feeds? X

  • You are doing a fab job and sounds like she is gaining weight and has wet nappies and poos so you are producing enough milk to meet her need they can be fussy for a lot of reasons- growth spurt, discomfort etc 

    i ll recommend expressing after feed if you want partner to feed while You sleep or using the haaka or nature bond Breast pump you can express while you feed 

  • Thanks everyone we had a good night last night Iris has slept all day yesterday so was expecting another unsettled night but she slept and woke every 3 hours to feed. I expressed some milk after her feed at 9pm just incase and I got 100ml so I know there is no problem with supply. WLJ Iris is 4 weeks now so I'm wondering if she was having a growth spurt 😊

  • Yeah laura. soumds very similar to us. I get 100ml of now too. So that’s really good. We Bf all night last night but 3-4 hours sleeep in between. I also used a Haka pump on the other boob whilst feeding and caught 50mls of what would have just leaked. X

  • My husband tried to give nasr a bottle last night but he wouldn’t take it, hes taken it before but seems to just be completely off it. Perhaps he would of taken it if I wasn’t here, but not sure what I can do now if I want DH to feed while sleeping? I haven’t really been expressing as baby has been feeding so much I just haven’t had the time. The hakaa pump sounds good, I might get one and stick it on the other side to use whilst feeding.

    Nasr seems to be off sleeping in his crib now 😵 last night he was laid next to me feeding most of the night, now he’s snoozing on my chest. I don’t know why he’s gone off the crib, could it be he’s figured out there’s somewhere better lol 

    The caboo wrap you ordered fludu looks lovely!

    laurah am glad you had a better night! Thank god for that.

    Ive downloaded an app called wonder weeks, it’s really helpful at predicting growth spurt weeks so you can get an idea of when to expect unsettled behavior ect.


  • I was hoping to try out my wrap for him tomorrow and take him out. He's going to be 6 days old. Do you ladies think it's still too early for him to be out and about?

    Also, is anyone else having trouble sleeping soley because they don't want to take their eyes off their newborn?? I doze off then wake myself up needing to make sure he's okay 😥

  • Albert Harrop born 28/11/17 at 22.26 8lb11 will update you all on the birth story as soon as I feel well enough to do so. 

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