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  • Congrats Chantelle! We've been waiting for you but you rest up. Can't wait to hear your birth story.

  • congrats Chantelle,looking forward to your birth story. 

  • Yeah Mochi I’d say give him a few more days. They are just so vunreable and can pick up things so easy. Being in the sling next to your body would be totally fine for regulating his temp but I’d say 10-14 days really before I’d have taken Grace out. 

    Grace os still sleeping on my chest but I’ve got an apnoea alarmfor her cot. So if you’re really not sleeping for worrying, they are great as will alarm if he stops moving for 20 seconds xx

  • Congratulations Chantelle.  Love the name. Can’t wait to hear all aBout it. I hope you are ok x

  • Yeah I agree, We took him out in a covered pram because we needed some little things but I quickly took him home because I just wasn't comfortable with him being around people yet. We were told to let him get some sun but I think I'll just move him closer to the window for now.

    That sounds amazing. I'll have my husband do some research on that for me 🙂 that would be such a comfort knowing an alarm can sense something like that.

  • Hooray Chantellebd! He's here! Welcome to the World Albert. 

    Please do come and tell us about your birth on this thread here, when you have time. We'd love to know how it all happened. 

  • It’s a camera, sensor and temperature all in one. Called Angel. X

  • Congratulations chantelle xx

  • Congratulations Chantelle! Can’t wait to hear about your birth story. 

  • congrats chantelle xx

  • We're looking for testers for our MadeForMums Awards 2018! If you'd like to find out more, read all about it on this thread here. Good luck! 

  • I’ve just posted my birth story for you all to have a read of

  • Chantelle how are you doing? I hope recovery is going well and baby is good.

    Is anyone in a routine with baby? I know you shouldn’t expect much from a newborn but not sure if I should be giving him any sort of routine now. 

    I was reading a bit from this site and seems to have good info,

    We don’t have any set schedule at the moment and just go with the flow. 

  • DanielleMFM thank you for our gift, Nasr loves it, especially the comforter x

  • Congratulations Chantelle, fantastic news!! Hope you are recovering well. 

    Thank you Danielle for the gift :) greatly appreciated! image

  • Awww cutie Karen xx

  • We are on a rough schedule but not quite like in the link you posted. 

    Feed a are every 2-3 hours at the moment.

    So my day goes roughly.

    7am feed

    9am feed

    10am if feeding is finished get dressed and I get breakfast!

    1pm feed

    4pm feed

    7pm feed

    9pm feed

    11pm feed and my bedtime

    In terms of awake times and sleeps in the day it all depends on what's going on! If she goes in the wrap or pushchair then she will sleep no matter what time it is! 

  • Hiya ladies. 

    Just a message to tell you about breast shells....they are awesome! 

    My health visitor recommended them. They catch any milk that is leaked from your boobs saving it from just going to waste in breast pads. I get between 20ml and 60ml per day. Handy as an extra feed! Pretty discreet under clothes too.

  • I desperately need that! Thanks for letting us know ♡ I've had so much wasted already so that would be a life saver!

  • Thanks Joojoo, its good to know how it’s going for everyone else. Interesting re the shells, never heard of them before. 

    How is everyone doing? Nasr says Hi :) 


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