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November 2017 Babies



  • Ah thanks Hun. Great idea. I also use a nature bond on the boob that’s not being fed from, this relieves some pressure and also gets about 50mls off each time x

  • Noah finally got registered today and he has my father's name as his middle name. When I handed him the birth certificate he actually cried so that made me extremely happy 🙂 Noah won't be able to see my side of the family often so now he has a little reminder in his name ♡

    He also eats a ton! Probably a little over 100ml every 2 hours. Most likely weighs over 10 pounds already. He's only had one trouble night so far which I'm thankful for plus I'm getting used to not waking up every 10 minutes make sure he's still breathing lol

    Is anyone else having their little one pick up their head only to slam it down a few seconds later? He usually does it when he's over my shoulder so I have to keep catching his head before he does it. Gives me a small panic every time he does it!


  • To be honest I have no idea how much Nasr is drinking as Im only feeding from the boob plus Ive stopped pumping as I don’t really have a need right now, he won’t take a bottle and I’m not in a position where I need him to have one so I’m not so bothered about it. Also my boobs don’t really leak or ever feel uncomfortably full, maybe once feeding is properly established as he’s not even 3 weeks yet. I bought so many breast pads when I was pregnant but haven’t had a chance to use them yet lol. I haven’t been out a lot yet, so still working myself up to trying to latch him on public without showing everyone my nipple. When I have been out it’s just been to family houses or for small walks. 

    Ive found we’ve been co sleeping more and more, he isn’t into his crib even with the sleepyhead inside it (which he sleeps fine in during the day), he only seems happy at night in the bed with us next to the boob. I’m not happy about it as worried about the risks but he sleeps so well, so just going with the flow and trying to be cautious. 

    We registered Nasr too Mochi, that’s lovely about your dads middle name, it has a true meaning doesn’t it. We applied to Nasrs passport online, tomorrow need to go and get some pictures done hopefully, it’s defo going to be a challenge to get him eyes open, looking at the cmera ect for the pic! 

  • jade that’s totally nor for night time. It’s why our hormones need the baby close and babies know That too. 

    Ive co slept for 4 weeks now. Works for us and Grace sleeps on her own in the day fine. I’ve finally managed to exclusively breast feed now. And yesterday got the courage to do it in public. It helped Me Jade go have a vest top that I could pull down and then lift my jumper up. This gave me more privacy as o could just pull the jumper down and sort myself out under it if needs be. 

    Movhi yes Grace does that. We call it the death dive. She throws her head around. It’s gettinh more controlled now but still have to catch her. Also she’s hilarious when she wants food. Bashing he head off My boobs and grunting like a pig haha x

  • Yeah WLJ Noah does that too when he wants a feed. I've tried breastfeeding even though I planned to exclusively bottle feed but it's just not working for us. I stopped trying a few days ago so now I exclusively pump and top off with formula when needed. Having difficulties with leaks when I wake up in the morning though 😥 luckily he accepts the bottle more since he can get more out of it quickly and it's a peace of mind for me knowing how much he eats. I do feel the need to try breastfeeding again though.

  • WLJ that sounds like it would work better for me. The one time I’ve tried it at a children’s centre I had a shirt on and felt very vulnerable. It’s literally the latching him on that I’m nervous about, once he’s on i can throw a muslin over us for some privacy, no problems. 

    Mochi a fed baby is best, don’t worry about it it’s coming from a bottle or breast its whatever works best for you. he needs a happy and content mother so do what’s right for you. If you do want support though, I recommend checking if there is a local breastfeeding support group in your area. They really helped me when I had issues with his latch initially. 

  • @ mochi I agree with above do what is best for you. Breastfeeding is tough for the first few weeks can be demanding and best to do what you are comfortable with as stress also affects milk supply, for.My first I did combination feeds with formula top for 8-10 weeks by week 7 i gradually cur down the number of top ups per day until we were exclusively breastfeeding 

    @Jadex like you never leaked and still have breast pads I bought with no. 1 although this time I got reusable bamboo breast pads still not needed them lol 

    @WLJ  I wasn’t brave with co-sleeping so early but have done for some naps would have done this with bedtime but will have to get OH to sleep in spare Bedroom as realised need super king instead of our king size bed for it to work 

    we have been battling with reflux. If laid flat will either wake up coughing or choking. Seems more apparent now than before. Anyone had similar 

  • I love the pig grunts at feeding time...so funny.

    I missed a wild head going yesterday and she crashed into my shoulder....soumded like it hurt but she didn't notice! 

    Jade I second the best top under another for feeding. Even had a friend say he didn't realise I was feeding it was that discreet! I also am a fan of scarves so if I have a baggy top I can pull down not up then the scarf hides the top boob exposure.

    We are still co sleeping here too. At the moment it's what works for us. 

    Jade i have the wondwr weeks book and I think we are just getting to the end of Leap 1. According to the book she should follow her due date not birth date....but something definitely changed at week 5!

  • I have a super king bed luckily so DH can stay well on his side and we seem to be all good. Sometimes he sleeps on me or next to me feeding.

    Nasr has such raspy breathing, sometimes it’s really heavy as if he’s struggling to breath and sometimes it’s totally fine. We ended up in a&e the other day, when I went to triage for my c section scar bleed they were concerned about his breathing as it was so loud, so we went to a&e saw the pediatricians but by then his breathing was normal so they said he seems fine. All last night my husband has been freaking out saying he can’t breath ect but he seems fine now 😱 trying to get a doc appointment this morning at GP but he’s not registered yet. It’s so weird how sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. His nose isn’t even blocked, we have been using saline spray but it doesn’t really make a difference and ordered a humidifier coming today hopefully it will help

    Our first leap starts in 5 days, yes from due date I wonder why that is, how was the leap was she fussier than normal Joojoo?

  • Ah Grace sometimes sounds raspy. I know what you mean. Maybe nasr has a slightly long epiglottis which can catch when he breathes and make him sound raspy intermittently. 

    Yeah co sleeping works so well for us. I’d have no sleep otherwise. Tried her with a swaddle last night. She just cried. 

    Ah I didnt know that about due date and wonder weeks. Grace did seem to go through a leap at 5 weeks post birth date. She’s only 2 weeks post due date now. X

  • Fludu we had issues with reflux in hospital but since being home we’ve been totally fine, thankfully. Can you raise his mattress at all? Is he eating more now? All the peds said to me was to keep him upright after feeds for 30-45 mins and try and let him sleep raised, and burp him more regularly than you think during a feed. 

    I read the Laleche article, it’s a good read some interesting points! Makes me feel better about the sleep situation.

    WLJ I hope i can get to the bottom of whats causing it, we have an appointment at 11:40 so hopefully the doc will be able to help. Poor thing I hate hearing him like this, although he does seem fine in himself. 

    I bought an Ergocacoon, which I love but cant use it at night since he won’t stay in his crib and I’m worried its too hot for in the bed plus it’s awkward to feed him in, so have to constantly unzip him. These babies all have their own agendas!!

  • Jade oh yes she was sooo much fussier. Our little 3 to 4 he sleep routine went back to all night feeds. She wouldn't let anyone else but me hold her. Seem to be coming out of it now, still has moments though. But she did her 1st awake smile (well more like half smile) and is now crying real tears.

    WLJ according to the book you should go on due date....but everything I've read online from parents say that they will match some things with birth date and some things with due date. Hopefully that doesn't mean leaps last longer for us! 

  • Glad to hear everyone is getting on well.  I cant believe that Iris is 5 weeks old already it has had gone so quick but also feels like aje has always been here. We have just come out of a growth spurt so had a crazy few days Iris wouldn't feed from the breast which is all she has ever had but she just couldn't latch on I think because I was so full and also the let down was too quick so I expressed and she took from.the bottle but I was so upset as i thought that was the end of breast feeding. I had some reassurance from.support workers and yesterday iris woke up and fed from tje breast fine since😀

    Jade Iris is the same with her breathing we took her to Drs and get chest was clear. Dr said babies can be mucusy and for those born by c section it can take longer to clear so maybe it's that. 

    I am also struggling for clothes that make feeding easier I don't want to expose my boobs or my tummy 😂

  • It’s  back to triage for me. A 4th degree tear is really no fun at all. 

  • Oh no chantelle hope your feeling better soon xx

  • Sorry to hear that Chantelle. Might be an infection. Hope you get better soon 

  • Hope you get sorted Chantelle, I know how horrible it Is having to go back in :( 

    thinking of you 

  • Laura I defo find a vest top and jumper the easiest. Best goes below boob, jumper above. Then the jumper lowers over the boob and vest to sort my bra out after feeding. 5 days in to public breast feeding and no scarf needed. I feel so liberated and brave x

  • FIrst public proper feed today in Nandos, it was successful! I went with the nursing vest/jumper combo, didn’t bother with scarf or cover, worked a treat thnx WLJ!

    We got his passport pics done, so cute! Feeling v accomplished today.


    The doctor said Nasrs chest is clear and no sign of infection, prob a bit of reflux has caused him to inhale a drop of milk, hence noising breathing but I don’t agree. I’m sure he has something called floppy larynx, essentially as you said WLJ. He is totally well in himself, just a really noisy breather intermintently! I’ve booked another appointment with a different GP for a second opinion, but there’s no rush as I do real he is fine in himself. 

    Chantelle I hope your doing ok 


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