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November 2017 Babies



  • Hope you are all okay. How's everyone getting on with the babies? Ivy is doing okay, getting much fatter now which is good but some days the feeding is endless! 

    Here is a quick Xmas photo shoot 😁 and my likkle old man face wrinkly forehead baby!image

  • Today on the forum, we're asking about your family buying Christmas presents for your kids: do your parents and inlaws buy your children huge amounts of stuff that’s not needed? Or do you tell them specifically what to buy? Please do tell us on this new thread here. We'd love to hear from you! 

  • Very cute Joojoo.. what a nice idea to do an xmas shoot!!

    Nasr is on day 1 of his first leap, and I think it’s actually pretty spot on. He hs been extremly fussy since last night, waking every half hour/45 mins, today would hardly sleep unless with me, wants the boob all the time 😰 

  • I found that too Jade. In theory as they go by due date not birth date she should only be heading into leap 1 this week, but it was spot on for one so who knows!

  • Baby is one month old and weighing 9lb 6 which is good, am feeling happy he is officially surviving off of my milk lol


    How is everyone??? Xx

  • Noah is 3 weeks today and weighs about 10 pound 6 ounces 😊 I'm still feeding breast and formula and he doesn't seem to mind the difference. He's been a little angel (knock in wood I didn't just jinx myself)


  • Ah he’s adorable Mochi! How are you finding the nights now? Nasr wakes every 2 hours at the moment! 😱

  • Same! Every two hours for a feed. I do get about 4 hours between 10pm and 2am. He's been that way for a few nights now.

  • nice to see your gorgeous babies. We had a few fab first 2 and half weeks then we started having issues with reflux. I m slowly eliminating diary from diet and been prescribed Ranitidine (not used it yet) Sadly can’t sleep flat on his back anymore needs to be held upright for up to an hour after feeds. He is a peaceful baby in between so can’t complain, at the moment waking  every 2hrs overnight sometimes less 


  • Oh Fludu I feel your pain, we have the same issue. Which makes the fact that he wakes every 2 hours even harder because by the time he has done, I’ve burped him and held him up for atleast half an hour, I only get about 10 mins of sleep and then it’s time to do it all over again! Last night I was so sleepy I put him down after 10 mins and within 5 mins he vomited... I felt awful so guilty 😢

    Days are better but the nights are hard at the moment. 

  • imageimageimage

    4 weeks old yesterday, time is going so fast!!

  • Aww your babies are all so big! Ivy is only 8lb2 at 7 weeks! 

  • image

    Hey everyone. All your babies are looking just divine. So proud of us all. 

    Grace is doing fab. 9lb 7oz now. So 2lb 6oz on since birth. And exclusively breast fed now, which is soooo much easier then expressing all the time. She’s been a love and sleeps 4 hours sometimes 5 now at night, so o feel like I’m gettung lots of sleep. We even manage a nap in the afternoons If we are home. 

    Jace I’m so pleased you braved the feeding out and about. Easy when you’ve done it a few times hey. And I have people smile at me now and say well done. I can’t believe Grace is 8 weeks next Tuesday. 

    Has anyone used an app called Snap fish? My friend just told me about it. You upload photos, press buy and they get delivered to your door. I’ve just done loads of grace as I was scared of losing my phone. I never normally do anything with photos but I want to make books of hers. Such a easy way to do it x

  • Glad to hear everyone is doing well and love all the pics all the babies are gorgeous Iris is 6 weeks old now she was weighed yesterday and is 9lb1oz. I had a hospital check up and can stop taking the blood pressure tablets 😃breastfeeding is still going well we often go 4-5 hours in the night so we are lucky but she tends to have the odd night where she just wants to feed. imageimage

  • Aww the girls are so cute!! 

    WLJ I never heard of that app, it looks American?? Thats a good idea though, saves the trip to snappy snaps! 

    Laurah that’s so good about your blood pressure, must be good to be off the tablets.

    im still taking the blood thinning injections daily, can’t wait for them to finish I think I’ve got another 2 wks 😞

  • Hey :) lovely to see all the pics and get updates. 

    Fletcher is is 6 weeks old as of yesterday. He was meant to be weighed, but the health visitor was sick, so taking him on the 28th instead. But he was 8lb2oz at 2 weeks old, so I dread to think what he is now!! 

    We are also having issues with reflux, But of the silent type. So have endless nights of holding him upright. Which is tiring, especially with a toddler to look after (She sleeps through the nights, but is bonkers during the day!). 

    My father in law is a photographer, and has offered to do a couple of family photos for us :) hopefully we can have them soon 


  • @WLJ heard of snapfish but used this FREE app with my first http://www.freeprintsapp.co.uk/ gives you 500 free photos a month you only pay postage first order usually has free postage offer. 

    Wow glad to know not alone been conscious of what I eat as a result. It seems to be common in boys

  • I've used the free prints app before but will try the snapfish one aswell I have ao many photos😁

    Jadeelx I finished the injections on Tuesday they are awful being diabetic I am used to injections and needles but they were not nice left me all bruised 😣

    Sorry to hear about the babies with reflux can't br nice them or mommy's

    Is everyone ready for Xmas? I still have a fair bit to do just don't have the time but I'm sure it will all fall into place. 

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