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November 2017 Babies



  • Laurah - pretty much finished preparing for Christmas. In fact, we are wrapping presents tonight. We haven't got Fletcher much though, didn't see much point (hope that doesn't sound mean!). We got him a small Pluto toy when he was born, so got him a slightly larger one for Christmas (Did the same with Verity but with Dumbo). Got him a few clothes bits too. 

    Ah, since I wrote my last reply, he has decided to cluster feed. He is a day or two in to leap one though. Might sleep on the sofa tonight, with him in the crib next to me, so I've got the tv to keep me awake when necessary. Plus closer to the kitchen!! 

    How many of those breastfeeding have gone dairy free? How many people are giving probiotics?? X 

  • we are on week 1 diary free but sadly forgot and had a nice panini with toddler while in mothercare

    we have had 2 days of probiotics missed last 3 days. I gave my first with cmpa when he was 4 months and it made a huge difference 

  • I still have presents to wrap and few more bits to get 

  • Not dairy free, but what do probiotics do? X

  • Probiotics add in good bacteria. Kefir is the best type and I get one from Abel and Cole delivered. 

    Im not dairy free. Do you have to be when breast feeding? Grace seems fine etc? X

  • I'm day 1 in dairy free. Ivy is showing signs of silent reflux/cows milk protein allergy so will try it for a week and see how we do. 

  • @ WLJ if no symptoms of cmpa no need to be diary free

    @joojoo you need 2-3 weeks for it to completely leave your system when you start 

    it runs in some families sadly my mun described me as being very fussy as a Baby windy unsettled, guy symptoms alwayd crying. They had no diagnosis then but my first son had cnpa after a painful few weeks and going from breast feeding to specialised formula we went back up breastfeeding diary free and he was a completely different baby skin eczema resolved, reflux and his bowel symptoms. For babies with cmpa probiotics helps seems to be common practise in the US but the evidence isn’t conclusive so not recommended yet in the UK

  • When I had my daughter, I was dairy free and took probiotics (they went through the milk so benefited her). The dairy free really helped her colic and reflux, then I slowly reintroduced it over time. Now she is absolutely fine with dairy (in fact she adores cheese!). So I was debating whether to do it with Fletcher. He doesn't have colic, but his reflux is horrible so didn't know whether to try it. There are so many differing views on whether it's beneficial or not. I took the probiotics with her due to the amount of antibiotics she was given whilst in neonatal. She was on them constantly for about 3 weeks. Fletcher only had one load (I had group b strep), but he was born by c section so never got the beneficial bacteria of a vaginal birth. WLJ do you take them yourself or give directly to Grace? Where do you get them?? Sorry to be nosey, trying to work out which ones are best.

    Also, does anyone have this issue...6 weeks old and very almost outgrown his carry cot?! 😂image

  • @Karenlouise same here with baby Joel no colic but reflux and seems even worse than my first son who was very fussy, colic, reflux, blood in stools and difficulty passing stools, eczema..... I had a long course of antibiotics with first so gave him this probiotic https://www.amazon.co.uk/BioGaia-ProTectis-Probiotic-Drops-5ml/dp/B00JF46L9G.  Reflux can often be a sign of dairy intolerance but can also be part of their development due to a floppy valve which gets better as they mature. 

     I have read some studies that suggest probiotics help reflux we haven't been compliant with giving this but can see he is a bit more settled now I am trying to be diary free.

    We put him to sleep in a reclined cot and at a controversial position to get by otherwise he coughs and chokes on his back

  • I forgot to mention at 4 weeks already in 3-6 months baby grow and sleepsuit. He will be 5 weeks tomorrow been wondering what to do about carrycot might have to move on to the main pram seat earlier than recommended with my first we did this at 4 months too early to do it now. My other option is the car seat to use in interim.

  • Fludu, how do you give those probiotics please? I've also read that probiotics help reflux. I'm willing to try anything to make him more comfortable. Gonna book him in to see a chiropractor too (also helped my daughter).

    We have a wedge we got to go underneath the crib mattress. Which will hopefully also help at nights. 

    Oh wow! 3-6 already?! Have you had him weighed recently?? 

    What pushchair do you have? I know some are suitable from birth. I was planning on using the pushchair bit when needed, but mainly take him out in the caboo at the moment.  

  • Laura its one that I drink. Abel and Cole is a farm that deliver nation wide. It’ll be different days for different areas but I highly recommend their Kefir. X

  • @Karenlouise I give using a baby spoon. We havent weighed him since 27th Nov hoping to attend one of the drop in sessions before his 6 weeks check or wait until then as not Worried. He is huge 

    I also read osteopath good for reflux i tried to get an appointment was told won’t see until after 6 weeks check 

    my pushchair isn’t suitsble from birth but we still have some leg room at the moment. We have the icandy peach ) made double to accomodate 20monfh old) 

    love the caboo use mine For nursery drop offs 

  • Noah is 4 weeks today! One month on the 24th 😉 How is everyone and their babies doing?


  • Time is flying by isn’t it. I don’t feel ready for Xmas at all. 

    Noah is super cute Mochi. How is everything going, do you have a routine now? 

    Nasr is doing well, he has a passport now, so we can go away if we wish although no immediate plans! 

    We went to the doctors again about his breathing, she referred us to the hospital pediatrician, we both think it’s floppy larynx now. 


  • Can't believe how quick the time has gone Iris will be 8 weeks on Tuesday! The last few days have been so busy getting ready for Christmas and Iris's sleep pattern has changed she has decided to be awake from 4pm till about 2am really trying to get her to be awake more in the day but it's so hard to keep her awake. Iris has her first immunisations on Wednesday I'm really not looking forward to that and really hope she is ok after them. Hope.you all have a lovely 1st Christmas with your beautiful babies xx

  • imageimageimage

    Merry Christmas everyone :) 

  • Merry Christmas everyone xxximage

  • Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! 🎄🎄☃🎄🎄


  • We got a lovely Xmas present of bubba smiling! Haven’t managed to get a pic yet though. 

    Poor baby is suffering with trapped wind so much. Tried infacol, doesn’t seem to do much. I’m going to go and get him some gripe water tomorrow, it’s awful seeing him squealing in discomfort 😫

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