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November 2017 Babies


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in November 2017 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's still a few of you to have your babies, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in November 2017 Birth Club so far but have a baby born November 2017, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier! 




  • imageMy little autumn baby (I'm sticking with you November ladies even though we turned out to be an October!)

  • imageimage

    We are home and feeding has improved. I have a breastfeeding support lady coming round tomorrow to help more. Nasr was weighed today and has gained since his drop on Sunday so happy about that. He had his heel prick test today too and was so good, bless him.

    Had my stitches removed today but bleeding so off to triage to get it checked. 

  • imageimageimageimagemy beautiful little chunk ♡ 

  • imagethis is my daughter Verity (left) when she was 3.5 months old. And Fletcher (right) at 16 days old, wearing the same babygrow ♡ 

  • image

    My little munchkin was due last Saturday. Already 4 weeks old! Since her Hypothyroid diagnosis we have been coping very well. She takes a tablet each day and her hearing test today was now all passed. So we are so relieved.  One less hurdle to overcome. I am expressing 6-8 times a day as well as breast feeding (took her a while to get the hang of it) but I like the freedom that bottle feeding gives me, especially so my husband can feed her too ) she is tolorating both, so I feel very lucky. 

    Shes putting on weight nicely. We are co sleeping at the moment, which suits me fine.

    so good to see you’re all doing well. You’re little ones are beautiful xx

  • So lovely to see you all here! Have to say this thread is making me very broody! Have you all had a million visitors already?

  • All these pictures! You all have absolutely gorgeous babies I hope you know that! I'm so excited for my little one 🙂 I can't believe we already have a baby going on 4 weeks! I'm getting super nervous because I'm hoping for as natural as possible now but all of your birth stories have been encouraging. We are some tough ladies!

  • Iris was 3 weeks old yesterday can't believe how quick the time is going! She is doing really well feeding great and is gaining weight. Iris is a bit of a night owl at the moment she seems to cluster feed in the evening and then the every 2 and half to 3 hours through the night although her feed sometimes takes 2 hours as she will feed then poo then feed some more then struggle to get wind up and then when she does she wants to feed some more :-) 

  • Ahh babies are beautiful ladies.

    when can you expect to notice cluster feeds? 

    Nasr has latched back on on Monday so have been successfully breastfeeding which I’m so happy about.  He is a little darling I love him so much. 

    Laurah iris is so cute there!

    when has everyone given the first bath? tomorrow is day 7 and I haven’t bathed him yet, not sure when I should... I don’t want to wash his newborn-ness off 😱😰

    i also have an obsession with smelling his hair, sometimes I find myself licking it, my Husband Nas been calling me a cat lol it is a bit weird I suppose but he smells so good!!

  • imageHe really enjoyed his first time in his mamaroo!

  • Jadeelx Iris started cluster feeding last week so she was 2 weeks old although she was 3 weeks early so not sure if that makes a difference and if she had been term if sof would have started sooner. Glad to hear breastfeeding is going well for you it makes such a difference with my first feeding was a nightmare and I told myself i wouldn't stress myself out this time and luckily Iris has taken to bf well. 

    I dont think there are any set rules on bathing it's when you feel like you need to Iris was a week old when we first bathed her and that was only because she had had quite a lot of discharge down below and we wanted to clean her up she has only had 2 more baths since then and we only used water so she still smells new :-) xx

  • WLJ so glad Grace's hearing test was fine xx

  • Laura, that pic of Iris having a bath has totally melted me! 

  • Iris lovesthe bath Danielle 😊

  • We waited until ivys cord fell off befire bathing her. Now we give her a bath every 3 days ish as she manages to get milk EVERYWHERE! 

    We also then do post bath nappy off time. And dedicated skin to skin time. 

  • Ah ok. I think I might just clean him with a top n tail bowl for now.. he doesn’t seem that dirty. 

    I think yesterday was the first day he cluster fed, I felt like he was on me all day. Literally at one point he fed from 9-1am 😱 

  • Ah I love post bath skin to skin and breast feeding. It’s our happiest time. We have also had some pretty epic poonamis! Like I’m Talking alllll over her. Haha. So funny but it’s straight in the bath after those. X

  • Oh WLJ we have not had poosplosions on that scale yet, I'm waiting for them to come though!

    I feel like we are going into another cluster feeding session as she has been super fussy this evening so far. Always comes before a visit to the MIL so she can tell me I look tired ! 

  • imageimageimagemy new hoodie arrived, and I love it!!!! Ladies, if you plan to use a sling/carrier, I strongly advise you get one of these too. Fletcher is loving the sling - I've only been able to wear him a couple of times around the house in the caboo lite. Not allowed to wear him out and about yet due to c section recovery. Is anyone else planning to baby wear? 

    As for cluster feeding...oh yes, I know this feeling. The other day it felt like they were both cluster feeding all day. I was exhausted by the end 😂 he is finally having a growth spurt though - piling it on now! X 

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