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Poorly 7 month old. Advice please!

Hi All

My little boy is 7 months old. He's had a chesty cough/cold for 6 days. 

The doctor prescribed amoxicillin 2 days ago as he thinks its Bronchitis. 

He's been weaned and on solids for nearly 2 months now and loves his food.

The last couple of days he is vomiting food back up that has lumps in and a thicker texture. I'm not sure if its because he has been coughing and his throat is swollen and its making it difficult for him to swallow. 

What foods would you reccomend giving him. 

He's having a lot of fruity porridge, smooth rusk with banana, extra milk feeds, but anything with lumps in are making him sick.

Thanks in advance.



  • sorry your little boy is unwell, but honestly, don't worry about him having three meals a day right now, just get plenty of milk and fluids in him, and anything he can keep down, while he's unwell. When he's better, you can start back with the solid food. 

    He'll be better in a few days hon - that amoxycilin can sometimes cause the runs, so don't be alarmed if that happens.

    wish him better Sarah x

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