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Sleep amount when ill

Hi all,

I need your opinion as im a bit worried about my 12 month old. She has basically been constantly unwell, well on and off, since starting nursery a couple of months ago. Which I know is normal. Anyway last week she had the usual snotty nose, cough and conjunctivitis (again) but no high temp so took her for her 1 year immunisations as planned. They made her more tired and lethargic as they do but she was generally ok and we had a nice weekend. I picked her up from nursery on Monday and that evening she was very sleeping so put her to bed early and she slept well. She woke the next morning and she was really grumpy but sent her off to nursery. Nursery rang me after lunch to say my daughter was running a temperature of 39 and it hadnt come down with calpol so they just needed my permission to give nurofen. She was cuddly and sleepy that day at nursery (but they weren’t particularly worried about her) and the same wen we got her home. My husband stayed at home with her Wednesday and again she slept a lot, he took her to the GP who examined her and said it’s basically a bad cold and she has enlarged tonsils but temp and everything else was ok on examination. Yesterday she developed diarrhoea little and often and wasn’t able to keep any food or fluids down. I’ve only given formula milk and water today, she hasn’t wanted much but what she has had she’s kept mostly down. And she’s only had a bit of diarrhoea a couple of times today so that’s an improvemeant on yesterday. Her temperature and breathing seem fine.

But the main thing I’m worried about is the fact she has pretty much slept constantly for the last few days... sleeping well at night and also sleeping for most of the day. Is this amount of sleeping normal wen a baby has a virus?

Thanks xx

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