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July 2017 Babies - Part 4

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 2017 Babies - Part 3 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Daniels still sleeping through the night but will sleep most of the day is that ok

  • You've taken them to the Drs now mummytooandc. Hopefully the Pellicilin will work. 

    Jow long does Daniel go for at night charlie? 

  • Does he wake for feeds? That's normally a good indication that they're find. 

    My mums coming over to help with bedtime since my hubby is away in Leeds and my FIL travel for work got cancelled so they are taking patrick tomorrow afternoon.

    We had a wee play in the park and Patrick like the frost, would love to get snow.

    How are the boys now x

  • He will go from 6pm to 6am then have a sleep from 10am till about 12 1 then go back to sleep at 3 till about 4 5 

  • That sounds great. He's having a good waking period in the morning. Is he quite responsive when he is up? Is he drinking enough milk? If you're worried you could ring the HV but trust your instincts 

    Saoirse must be training to be a boxer the way she fights sleep lol

  • He responsive its probably me just thinking he needs more awake time than sleep cause it's really hard to actually try food with him cause he doesn't tell me when he's getting hungry just starts screaming cause he fully hungry

  • Charlie Ollie has days where he sleeps constantly like the other day he woke up at half 8 back asleep by 10 then woke up at 11 back to sleep at 11.30 til 1 then slept for 4 hours ! thten some days he has wakeful days too x

  • It's so bloody cold here :(

    Like the ladies have said Charlie as long as he's getting enough to eat and drink that's a good sign if you're concerned I would give the hv a ring tho it cnt hurt and will probably put your mind at rest 

  • Thanks for your support ladies xx sorry I'm not commenting much recently. Am just struggling a bit at moment 😞

  • Another awful night with Charlie he coughs and wakes himself up crying it takes ages to settle him back off I'm just hoping there's some improvement tomorow when I take him back to the doctors.

    Hope everyone else is okay 

  • Just seen your comment Louise sending you and Charlie love xxx

  • Nope it's a shit storm here aswell. Been up since 345 and my boiler has stopped working. It's -6 outside and the groegg says it's 12 instead. We're andll wrapped up but waiting for boiler company to open at 815. Couldn't make this up that it happened while my husband is away working.

    Hope your boys are on the mend quick with the antibiotics.

    Louise you're a superstar xxx

  • We are in rented property n they have gas meter n it went in the night so it's freezing here tooo ! Gro egg is blue never seen that before. Had a rubbish Night worrying about my couisen  labour but she's not really doing much just a few contractions here n there x

  • Any update on your cousin?

    Took a couple hours but I had to defrost the outside pipe but got the heating back on. I went to go get lagging for the pipe and I think it'd the first time a woman had been in screw fix with a pram lol.

    Got my wee xmas tree up and got my kitchen cleaned out. 

    Husband on his way home from Leeds so should be in by 6. So thankful he isn't staying another night.

    How is everyone 

  • Glad you got it sorted chick worst time of year for it to happen to you. We've had our heating on pretty much all day it's just to cold to have it off and with the boys already having bad chests don't want to risk it.

    Lillian hopefully you sorted yours out any news on your cousins labor??

    It's been stressful here Charlie has been grumpy all day he's eating and drinking tho so I'm happy with that just wish he wasn't so chesty 

  • Hope everyone is ok. Daniels been a good boy he like fresh cooked beetroot he liked munching on it. 

    At what age can u not put babies in bouncers like this one. And Daniel say hi


  • Yeah it's taking her agers again don't think her body takes well to being induced cuz she had the pessery in had her waters broke and she still wasn't contracting so she's on the drip now but she's still not in that much pain. hopefully baby will be here tonight x

    i think it's when they start pulling themselves up 

  • Charlie says hi back Daniel :) he looks so big bless him cnt believe how big they all are now I like Lillian said it's when they can sit themselves up unaided but you cn buy ones that are designed for older babies and turn into toddler chairs after 

  • Ok think mine is going away then as he sits up in it. Daniel weighs 17ib 3oz know he's 5 months 

  • Hope you all managed to sort out your heating problems xx 

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