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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in December 2017 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's ones or two of you waiting, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in December 2017 Birth Club so far but have a baby born December 2017, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier! 




  • Hey ladies, thought I'd get the ball rolling by posting on here.

    Feeling like a zombie today, Hector decided he needed to feed pretty much all night. Zzz.... Of course the older 2 then decide today is a good day to be non-stop fighting and squabbling. Be glad when it is bedtime!

    Anyone else finding their baby sleeps for longer stints during at the day than at night? I'm lucky if he will go 3 hours at night but he happily does that in the day 🙄

    Good job I love him SO much 😍

  • Same here, Dalton cried from 9pm till 1am..think we have colic like Ronny did, I'm just thinking it won't be forever as that was the only thing that kept me sane with Ronny..then I was up at 5am for a feed then 8am so tired today. 

    I've introduced a dummy and he likes it as sometimes he was having like 3 sucks of milk and then sleeping so thought it's a comfort thing so out came the dummy. 

    What a horrible thing to say Shan, I would have to say something back like isn't it time for you to apply for a bus pass, smiling nicely as walking away 😉 

  • Shan, I'm amazed you didn' say something to your MIL, how rude of her! Unless she thinks you'e closer than you are? My mum and sister's could say that to me and I'd know they were joking, but we are all close.

    My MIL can be a pain at times depending on what kind of place she's in herself (if she gets depressed she takes it out on everyone else) bit she was a godsend while I was in hospital, dropped everything and drove 200 miles in the snow to take over the household.

    I briefly thought about a dummy but we struggled so much to wean #1 son off his that I don't really want to go there. Hubby reminded me that Hector is so much smaller than the other 2 were that his stomach will be smaller too. That hasn't occurred to me! Does mean he will be unlikely to be sleeping through from 6 weeks like they were ( I was SO lucky. Twice!)

    Not many visitors for us as most of our friends and family are in other parts of the country. Mixed blessing that I think.

  • Oh Shan what a horriable thing for her to say think people just don’t think before they say I was asked if I had the baby yet yesterday umm yes a month ago :/ made me feel great ha 

    gracies pretty good with her sleeping we have had two nights where she’s gone 10 till nearly 6 but then she goes back to every 3 to 4 hours the next night last night was 10 then 3 which took me till 4 to get her back to sleep then half 6 i find it harder at night to get her back to sleep than daytime wonder if that because I’m tired I’ll lie her back in the cot then a couple of minutes later as your about to nod off I hear that little cry  think it may be wind finding it quite hard to get that up 

    aww Rebecca he does look just like you I love all his hair so cute xx

  • I had so much heart burn! Worth it for his beautiful mop of hair :) x

    We asked for no visitors in the beginning as I wanted time to our selfs but in the last few days we have had a few, apart from my mum and dad the rest of the visitors have been his family as I moved away from my home town to be with partner few years ago so we are surrounded by his family...getting anoyying Tbh as people iv never met like his second cousins are asking to come, and I'm a bit like why? Never met u or met you once...think it's just weird x

  • I told everyone I will visit them when I felt upto it and that's what we did, that way I left when I wanted and didn't have to kick anyone out. Cant believe my little man will be 3 weeks old in 2 days, it has flew by. Boys are back at school on Wednesday and my partner is back at work on Tuesday, I thought I'd be feeling abit scared almost when I thought about it a few weeks ago but now I'm feeling fine and calm. When is everyone's else partners going back to work. 

  • That's a good idea Gemma will have to try going there's instead of them coming here :) partner hasn't taken his paternity leave yet, it's a busy time at work and he gets alot of commission this time of year so he's going to take his paternity starting 15th of January x

  • Hi girls, hope you are all well. 

    So we finally have a name - Olive Grace. She's such a little dream. 

    She is so good, last night was a bit tough tho as she was unsettled all night. Hoping we can get her into a routine soon. 

    Is anyone still so sore from birth?? I didn' realise how bad the recovery would be. Just assumed I'd be straight back to normal. How wrong was I! 

    All the pregnancy swelling has gone tho which is nice and feel like I've lost a lot of weight as well! 🙌🏽 xx

  • I was feeling great after the labour. Couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered, but last night I really struggled.. my husband was amazing. Took over looking after the baby from 10pm til 7am just waking me for some quick Feeds! Woke up feeling great again.

    getting the hang of the breastfeeding now which was really getting me down.

    next thing to conquer is getting her to sleep in her Moses basket. She hasn’t gone down once. Every time we try to put her down she wakes up and cry’s until I feed her .. AGAIN! any tips? today is only day 10 so can’t start any leaving her to cry stuff yet!

  • Posting for Rainbow28 (as this was posted on the Due in December 17 thread and thread is now locked, so we didn't want you guys to miss this post)


    Morning everyone and Happy New Year.
    After the most horrific labour our beautiful son Toby Scott Rainbow made an appearance NYE at 14.43 weighing 9lb 7. 

  • Congratulations rainbow What a good size he is  glad he’s here  and your wait is over he’s beautiful 

    my partner goes back to work tomorrow silly us didnt Get his paternity leave in on time luckily though he only had about 10 days at work after Gracie came home till he had his Christmas shut down my children don’t go back to school till the 9th but I think I have the hang of things now to go it alone 

    aww Leanne that Must be very hard for you one of mine was like that she’s now nearly 9 so was quite a while ago I think we just sort of had to go with it you could maybe try one of them bears with the heartbeat sounds have you tried wrapping her up tightly in a blanket so she feels   sucure 

    Lovely name Lou xx

  • Louaneurin olive is such a beautiful name 😍 x

    Congratulations rainbow28 :D he's handsome little man :) xx 

  • Congratulations Rainbow, hope you're recovering well. Lovely big boy.

    Lou, love the name 😍

    Leanne, Hector is also not a fan of being out down. I've been making sure I feed him with his blanket over him so it gets warm, then when he falls asleep I wrap him up in it and lay him down in his bed. You could also try a hot water bottle in the Moses basket to warm the sheet - taking the bottle out before putting baby in of course.

    My hubby has one day of work on the 4th, typically the day children go back to school, then starts a week of nights on the 9th. Not looking forward to that! 

  • Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Please do let us know how you're getting on with your babies and if you fancy posting any new pics, we'd love that. 

  • Finally discharged by the midwife today, hurrah! She weighed Hector and he has gained 4lb in the past 6 days, little piglet 😄

    Also had a telephone appointment with the doctor and we are reducing my blood pressure medication down again to see how that goes.

    Starting to get into a bit of a routine with sleep. Still not getting a lot of it but have managed a few times to get a 4 hour block, heaven! Mostly going 2.5 - 3 hours between feeds now, night and day. With the occasional bout of cluster feeding. Still happiest when being cuddled of course. Trying to make the most of that... sod the housework 😂

    Hope everyone else is doing ok x


  • I was at thinking I’d not had any notifications from this new thread... then realised I didn’t actually press follow! Baby brain is a killer at the moment 🙈

    Happy New Year everyone! 

    Congratulations Rainbow! He’s gorgeous 😍 

    Oh Thuper that’s such a cute photo of Hector ❤️

    Ariella is doing well, got excited as for two nights in a row she slept for 5 hours at once... but last night was up every 3 hours for food again. It’s something I guess!

    Had her hearing test today and passed that  she’s also wearing the outfit she wore coming home from hospital - was way too big on her then, but fits perfectly now! Starting to grow out of her tiny clothes which makes me a bit sad! Although looking forward to seeing her grow at the same time. So many emotions!

    Husband finished his paternity on 1st so was back to work yesterday. Strange being completely on my own with her but we did well! Got nothing done because we were just having cuddles all the time lol. Took this photo too, can’t get over how beautiful she is, just keep taking photos of her all the time 😍💗


  • My little man now goes 4 hours at night and 3 hours in the day with feeds, he' taking 4oz. Health visitor came round yesterday, he now weighs 10lbs 1oz so I'm very pleased and 56cm long, bless him. Next appointment is when he is 6 wks old so in 3 wks time. Boys went back to school today, my partner did the morning run as working 2pm till 10pm this week so had a lye in which was nice, I was nearly late picking them up but we made it. He hates having a bath but loves his hair being washed. He was sick earlier out of his nose which scared me, kept crying and wiggling about so winded him to see if he would burp and it seemed to do the trick. imageimageimageimage

  • Odin has gained 4oz :D he's now 8lbs 15oz he goes between 2-4 hours for feeds..the dummy is helping him chill out...he's had a bad stomach and Is in pain with it :( so crying alot but midwife said to give him cooled boiled water and I think it's helping a little bit :) 

    Everyone's babies are so beautiful ❤️


  • imageimageimageimageimage

    Aww what beautiful babies 😍

    well ive spoke far to soon about my content settled baby she’s far from it the last two days she no longer likes to be put down and will sleep for around twenty mins at a time before she wants a cuddle and goes straight back off to sleep in my arms

    question for you all how often does your baby poop when Gracie was born she did a lot maybe 4 times a day or more it went to once a day now she hasn’t in nearly 48 hours im wondering if this is why she’s so unsettled 


  • Freddie has had the same, he hadn’t pooped in about 48 hours. I’ve been rubbing his tummy in clockwise motions and holding his legs close to him and it seemed to do the trick. I was reading online that some babies can go 10 days without going but he seemed so uncomfortable after 24 hours.

    He is doing well other than that, sleeping 4 hours roughly through the night although we seem to get a couple of hours where he just wants cuddles. During the day it’s ranging from 2-4 hours depending on if vistors are disturbing him for cuddles. Had his first bath today and really liked it too☺️

    Still feels so surreal that he his here and so perfect!

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