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(help!)Advice needed for toys to buy!

Hello all :-)

Just a quick question about toys!

We're expecting our own little bundle of joy in April (eeek! time has flownnn) and me and my significant other are a little unsure about toys to get for our soon to be little one!

It would be great to hear your suggestions, not only on the toys, but why you bought them (developmental or just looked cool?) - and whether you felt it was worthwhile?

From our research, it seems that the more stimulating the toy the better - is that what you  all based it on?

Sorry for the pretty basic question, we're first time parents, so as you can imagine we're a little overwhelmed!

We would love to hear your thoughts not only on toys for newborns, but also as they get older!

Thanks, we're looking forward to being a part of this community! It looks awesome :)


  • I wouldn't buy anything yet, you'll probably get loads of gifts/hand me downs!

    The Lamaze range of toys are lovely though, bright colours and different textures/sounds.

    V-tech toys are educational but noisy and often irritating 🤣

    Can't beat classic toys like shape sorters, I've found most children enjoy them... babies because the shapes are easy to hold and then as they get older they can actually sort them.

    Hope that helps a bit! x

  • My kids loved the toys which hung on the handle of a car seat - kept them amused on journeys, some what. 

    Totally agree on the Lamaze toys. 

    Play mat for sure. Black and white picture books are great. Also have a look at Tomy, they do lovely chunky toys for babies. 

  • Hi, congratulations! I wish you smooth sailing through out :)

    I've got 3 children - 23, 21& 15.

    Looking back, I remember feeling a sometimes overwhelmed, thinking will I get everything right? It's normal, especially first time around. 

    Regarding toys - we got some for relaxing, some cuddlies, some for development of baby and some simply for the cuteness!

    I started with the relaxation ones - music, tinkling ones and cuddlies!

    Just added more toys as my baby grew up and I learned more of what he needed, as I'm sure you will :)

    Hope this helps :)

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