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Urgent help needed 6 week old won't stop screaming!

For 4 days now my 6 week old son has been blood curdling, bloody murder, red in the face screaming. I've fed him, bathed him, made sure his bums clean, winded him, cuddled him, take him for a drive, taken him for a walk, rocked him in his bouncer, let him cry for small amounts of time, nothing is working.

When I feed him he feeds great for 30 minutes then fusses so I swap boobs. He'll feed for another 30 minutes then will get fussy again and go right back to screaming. So I'll burp him, he'll go silent long enough to burp then go back to screaming. He'll sleep for 10 minutes at a time every 3-6 hours. No amount of settling will get him to sleep longer then that. 

I haven't slept, barley eaten and drank. I can't get doing this emotionally or physically. I tried taking him to the doctor but got kicked out of the doctors surgery because he wouldn't stop screaming and people where complaining. I tried calling the Early Childhood Nurses but there less then helpful. 

I have no clue what else I can do.


  • I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I'm not sure what to suggest to help.

    That's completely unreasonable of your doctors surgery. Your baby clearly needs to see a doctor if he's in that much distress. Maybe try seeing if you can get a telephone appointment?

    Hope things get better for you soon x

  • I.would complain to your doctors surgery!! Maybe silent reflux? Do you use a dummy? I.really didn't want to use dummy but gave him one at about 5 weeks and he was much better at settling with it. He's 7 months now and doesn't have it all the time!

  • Have you tried swaddling? That helped with my little one a lot when he was tiny & upset. You can do it with a blanket as a temporary measure but if you want to make it easier then get a halo swaddle sack which velcros them in the swaddle position (super easy).

    Also try getting a small rag or lovvie, put a little expressed breast milk on it so it has your smell & put It close to his face when he is resting so he can be comforted by your smell. 

    White noise is also something with trying... hairdryer / vacuum cleaner etc. you can get free apps on your phone for it too. 

    Hope things get easier for you soon! Hang in there!

  • I know your are probably heart set on breastfeeding but many try a bottle for your sanity? He may not be getting enough or maybe a lactose allergy? 

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