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June 2017 Babies - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the June 2017 Babies - Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Thanks Danielle!

  • Lbester it must be different due to area but unless babys reaction is severe (anaphylactic) then most dieticians would say to start milk ladder from 9-12 months.  You'll be very lucky to get an allergy test on nhs if it's mild to moderate symptoms.. 

    Make sure you have a dietician refferAl in place (not just consultant), it can take months aswel (Milo's is mid Feb!) 

    He has tolerated tiny amounts but has had tiny amounts of mucous in poo but not been bothered by it 🤔

    Had a baby/child free day and went shopping... ended up buying clothes for kids and coming home at 3pm because I missed them 🙈

  • Anyone else with this dreaded flu??  My husband has had it twice in the past 5 weeks now. Have banished him to the spare room again. Can't risk catching it again. Baby won't look after himsel!!

  • I've not had it peanut but my best friend has been awful. She literally can't get out of bed we have all helped with the kids over the last 4 days and her husband has now taken a few days off work, never seen anyone that I'll- don't think I've ever known anyone with the actual flu!!

    Ben has slept till 9 for the last 3 days it's been heaven, and today got up at half 3 and will not settle. Think he's tummy hurts cos he keeps cryinh out in he's sleep and arching he's back!! Going to try a pram walk in a bit to see it the jiggle helps him!!

  • Gave Ben some melon yesterday- loved it sucked it for ages!!! I would say it's up there with rusk and yogurt!

  • I really want to try Logan on melon but I don't eat it so don't want to waste it so you reckon I can feeeze????

  • Try warm boiled water for the tummy x 

  • Lbester in asda for 1.50 you can get a little pack that had mango melon and pineapple in. I got that today so he could try the pineapple and mango, he just sucked them didn't actually swallow any but really enjoyed them- it is n expensive way though! And when I cut my own melon it was easier for him to hold the wedge in the skin. No idea if it would freeze, worth a try? 

  • We tried mango this week. His little face was hilarious! 😂

    I've frozen melon before but used it in smoothies.. not sure how it would hold up otherwise.

    We're off to look at a nursery this week. Waaaah! Dreading going back to work already.

  • Yeah I think I should go pre made before wasting the whole melon but it is the pricey option!!!

    oh I hope the nursery visit goes well I loved mine it really made me feel better x

    right is anyone having sleeo issues ??? Since late December Logan started sleeping through the night from his dream feed to 7-8am. Most of that would actually be in his cot with only the few 5am get in with mummy needed!! Now he tosses and turns ALL NIGHT!!!! And I give up at about 3-4am and put him in with me. But the main issue is he now rolls over lots in the day but is doing this in bed but not lifting his head he's turning directly into the mattress then crying so I have absolutely no idea what he's doing. He's slept on his side safely for a while now but now this HELP!!!!

  • Yeah we are having issues Lbester. Since going into his cot he’s gone from 12 peaceful hours to waking 3/4 times a night, mainly because he has rolled over and got stuck. I just assumed it was an age/growth thing. 

  • I’ve actually lost my temper now with MIL and issued an ultimatum. Hubby takes Owen over 12-5 on a Sunday as “she never sees him”. (I take him over for 4 hours in the week and hubby 5 hours at weekend and she doesn’t live that far away) He naps on the way over but she never leaves him alone for a second nap. She lives in a block of flats for oaps and wants to show him off or just cuddle him which he doesn’t want at this age! He usually catches up on the way home but didn’t this week so was crying and very tired. I was then up with him 1 til 4 as he couldn’t settle back down he was so tired. He woke at 9.30 Monday so slept thru breakfast, had a nap 12-3 so slept through lunch and then another at 5.30. He usually has 2, 30-40 min naps. He dropped a bottle as well as he was asleep. I’ve told MIL she has 2 options: either she comes here so I can supervise his naptimes or he goes over for 2 hours so I know he gets another nap. Hubby allowed this to happen so I made him get up all last night so I could catch up with my sleep! 

    I don‘t want to stop her from seeing him but his welfare is my main concern and skipping bottles and food this early on in weaning can’t be good. 

  • Yes my MIL doesnt get Toby down for naps. Granted he is a bit more difficult as its not just a case of putting him down and leaving him alone but still I dont know if ahe even triea doing it the way I ask her to and I come back from however long and he os always ratty and crying as no naps. Not leaving him with her now until i can get him to self settle but waiting for our cotbed to arrive to start working on that....can't wait :( gunna be a nightmare

  • My mum and MIL are fine but I have this issue with my nan she deliberately talks loud etc I've now reduced her to two weekly I see my MIL monthly ish and my mum weekly as she is the most helpful not just favouritism x 

    you gotta do what's right for you the babies aren't theirs 

  • I know, I feel bad but she doesn’t have to suffer any consequences. She’s 80 so I feel mean asking her to get 2 buses here but she doesn’t pay for the fare so we end up being a taxi for her. I’ve calmed down now and had some sleep but my mum lives near the shops and nursery where they do the baby group so we see her a few times a week. She always says that a baby’s mother knows best and she won’t go against that which I appreciate. 

  • Hi everyone, 
    We wanted to ask you, when you were pregnant, did you have the flu jab? Please do tell us on this new thread here.

    Also, if you fancy sharing your top tips for booking a family holiday with ABTA, you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher. That thread is here. Good luck! 

  • Hello everyone! Today we're asking about baby groupsHave you been to any, and did you and your baby like them? Please do come and tell us about any groups you've been to on this new thread - we'd love to hear about them. 

  • Arghhh emma and lbester i warned you about the rolling getting stuck thing nightmare!! Ive found theo sleeps better on his front but he still.manages to shout 3 or 4 times during the night always goes back to sleep with dumny or gentle rub but honestly patchy sleep for me isnt good!!! How is the testing going for those who signed up for it!? Loving it! Xx

  • Not had my bits yet.....

    Today Owen has had the worst constipation EVER! He has managed to pass 6, well I can only describe them as stones and still suffering. I mean going red in the face and crying when straining and refusing feeds kind of constipation. He’s usually on 35oz of milk a day and 2 meals. He has had 18oz of milk and a nibble on some fruit. Refusing water as well. He’s just a grumpy, grizzleguts today. Tried everything I can think of, even diluted orange juice! Tried tummy rubs, leg cycles, Vaseline on his bum hole, fruit, juice, hot bath, no nappy, standing him up when he starts straining(thought gravity may help). I’m blaming avocado as I need to blame something. Not looking forward to tonight as I’m expecting to be up a lot for catch up feeds, soothing or nappy changes 🤬😢☹️

    Hope everyone else is doing ok!! 😃

  • Oh no Emma poor baby!!! What about prune juice!!!

    amyone use a sleepyhead good or not Im thinking of caving and buying the grand!!!!

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