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Baby groups: have you been to any? Love them or hate them?


Over at MFMHQ, we’ve just been chatting about baby groups and we wanted to ask have you and your baby have been to any?  If so which kind of groups have you done? Did you and your baby enjoy it? And did you make any new friends? 

We’d love to hear about your baby group experiences, so please do tell us by posting a reply to this thread. And if you fancy sharing any pics of your baby at your group, please do. We’d love to see them.



  • We'e been to a few - nothing overly exciting but Harrison has loved most of them! When he was small we did baby massage, then sensory play type classes and music ones. More recently we've been to a messy play one - which he absolutely loved! Didn't get any paint on the paper, but enjoyed crawling through it 😂


  • Did baby massage Georgia didnt seem that interested just looking around at other babies alot. Currently doing baby sensory which both really enjoying especially now shes more aware and interested in things.

  • Also doing a 5 week singing stars course which includes little bit of signing only had one but was good she loved twinkle twinkle little star with blue blanket over her head couldnt take her eyes off of it

  • Where do I start haha. I first went to baby groups 5 years ago but didn't really enjoy them then 2 years ago when my 2nd was a baby we started going again we generally go to the children centers free baby groups they were so much fun I think us mums have more fun then the kids sometimes at messy play, they also have a sensory room so a bit of everything in one group is great. We made some really good friends and actually been invited to one of our friends 3 rd birthday this year as they go to the same nursery together. Friendship hopefully that will last forever for these 2 boys. He's obviously no longer a baby but I still go to them with my 3rd unfortunately I haven't been to too many so unable to make as many friends for my youngest but we still have fun going to groups and eating paint. I'd be lost without them as we get so bored playing with the same toys at home day after day. 

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