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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in January 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are quite a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in January 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born January 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier! 




  • Hello :) I was due in January, however baby arrived @ 36 weeks on the 18th December. But I will stick to the January club! 

    Heres a few pictures of my little dude! imageimage

  • imageBaby Harrison born 11th Jan by emergency c section.... weighing 8lb3oz :-) 

  • Lovely to see these beautiful babies! How are you coping with all the visitors? 

  • Guines I have just noticed that we have both named our babies Harrison!! We are now five weeks old I can't believe it! Ximage

  • Also, we received harrisons gift the other day! Thank you very much Danielle it is lovely xx

  • Hey ladie, forgot about this thread. we’ve been home nearly a week now, no chance of getting any sort of routine. Cohen is dictating everything. He sleeps pretty much all day and is awake most of the night. I still don’t feel like I have fully bonded with him. Feel like I am just going through the motions and feeding, cleaning him as I need to but not feeling any connection or love there yet. I keep telling my husband how I am feeling so he can keep an eye on it In case its not just baby blues. Doing lots of skin to skin contact to try and help 

    Having a lot of problems breast feeding, as he was tongue tied to begin with he wasn’t able to get a latch, he has had his tongue snipped but is now trying to relearn how to use it. I am expressing as much as i can but it is no where near enough to feed him at the moment anyway. Getting really low about it as the midwives keep trying to help but they are too hands on, they grab my boob and his head and just attach them no problem. I try the same thing and he fights me and gets soo worked up by it. I have even tried just sitting there for an hour before he was due a feed with my nipple to his nose in the hopes he would calmly find it when he was hungry, he just got flustered and started crying again.

    Getting annoyed with Midwife’s as well, I am being told they will come round on a certain day but then i don’t get a message until that day to tell me what time. I am having a sofa delivered today between 12-3 I told the Midwife when she said they would need to come round today that it needed to be either before or after that time. I have just got a nessage to say she will be here at 1... when I responded with the sofa is being delivered she replied with no problem I don’t mind! I mind... I don’t want to have to deal with a Midwife questions while sofa is being delivered. I am sure the delivery men want to hear all about my questions on csection recovery and breast feeding. I just wish they would stop telling me what they are doing and expect me to go along with their time plan. 

    Hope everyone is having a better day than me 😊

  • Aww lilxmax that is totally normal feeling. I was like that with my little girl who wouldn’t latch and screamed every time near the boob. I bottle fed after a week though. This time I didn’t attempt to breast feed and just bottle fed and I must say I feel better for it. Like you midwives kept coming to help but we didn’t get anywhere. Try keep little one up for an hour after feeds I. The day that may help For a better sleep at night. Also maybe try a bit of white noise in the night or put something near the cot that smells of you? Also make sure the cot is warm enough for baby. Just a few tips I tried Which has helped x

  • Lilx i know how you feel visits are such a pain. The midwifes local to me give you a day but not a time so for 1 of our appointments we ended up stuck in waiting all day they didnt come until 5pm apsolutely ridiculous :-(.

    Breast feeding is hard some find it harder than others my first was tounge tied and they couldnt snip it till she was 2 weeks by then i was in a horrendous state in toe curling pain everytime i tired to feed my new baby and i apsolutely dreaded her wanting food :-(. Following feeling like that i stopped and went to formula i felt dreadful about it to start with but she thrived and was much happier and so was i. I have tried with no2 and 3 as well but unfortunately its not for me but your wellbeing is soo important you must do what is best for you as long as baby is fed thats the most important thing it doesnt matter how happy mummy and happy baby. Are you using a bottle as well? Have you tried nipple shields? This time round Roman was just like his brother and couldnt be bothered to latch so i expressed as was going to try and feed with breast milk this time in bottles, but unfortunately i have an engorgement problem and within an hour of my milk coming in i was in too much pain to express or hug any of my kids so we are just on formula again now. And we are all much happier :-). Whatever eases your stress and makes you happy is what you should do.  If you want to stick with breastfeeding is there a MILK group near you? Apparently they are really helpful or there may be a similar group of a different name in your area you could ask your healthvisitor.

    Nighttime wise we tried white noise with roman last night as he is a night partier and it worked we did a dream feed when we went to bed at 1030 he then woke at 130 and 430 then 8 so was much much better and he was more settled. We also make the difference between night and day as obvious as possible lots of chatter noise light and engaging with baby in the day, then quiet at night and we do everything by night light if possible so it stays nice and dark. It will probable take a while for little man to understand the difference between the 2. I hope that helps a little sorry i rambled a bit lol xx

  • Lilxamz, how are you doing today? 

    We hope everyone is ok? How are you coping with all the visitors you're no doubt having? 

  • Just wondering if we've had any more arrivals? Please do come and let us know - we're itching to know how you guys are doing. 

  • Well Billy is 6 weeks old today feel he has been here forever!  He has adapted well to our family. Thank you for the gift Danielle much appreciated x

  • Hi girls!! We are home and my catheter is finally out...3 failed attempts later. Ouch! My bladder is healing well and the c-section is painful but I’ve been doing the odd bit of cooking and cleaning and it feels ok. Just glad Rob is home to help. 

    Lilxamz what you are feeling is totally normal. Not everyone gets that instant adoration for their baby. I think the addition of the tongue tie and section can make the whole experience somewhat of a difficult period of adjustment- plus you are knackered; we all are. That love is there and that bond is there even if you don’t totally feel it yet. Albie’s tongue tie was corrected on Tuesday and he’s been miles better at latching since- but it’s not all plain sailing. I’ve found holding him in the rugby ball position a lot easier. The Lactation specialist also said to hold my nipple shape with my fingers for longer even while he’s fully latched just to give him extra time. And to pull him over it rather than poke it further in- if that makes sense. Try not to get wound up. The other thing is to do it when you are relaxed and on your own. The pressure of other people being there makes the situation worse. Eveh if he’s only on there a short time, he’s getting all of those antibodies and mummy-goodness. I gave Albie a few top ups with formula when he was really struggling as all that matters is that they are fed. We give ourselves such a hard time. Hope things are a bit easier in the coming days. Take care! Xxxx

  • Glad your home Katpaws its so nice to be home in your own space :-).

    We have been pretty lucly with visitors tbh not inundated with them have a very busy day on sunday as my father in law, his wife, both brother and sister inlaws and their kids are all coming over will be shattered by the end of the day haha.

    Thank you for the lovely gift max keeps giving it to his new baby brother its so cute :-).

    I took Roman to the gp on tuesday to try and get some eye drops for him as his eyes have been really gunky (i had the same problem with the other 2 when they were born and they needed eye drops) but ended up seeing the practice nurse and she wouldnt prescribe any despite the history with the other 2. I persuaded her to take a swab and low and behold the result came back today and we now have eye drops i really hope his little eyes clear up quickly for him they have been looking so soo sore :-(.


  • Jelly tots my LO had this initially the doctor told me I had clamydia and it caused problems with my husband as I thought he cheated! Turns out  however it wasn’t Clamydia just conjunctivitis And he hasn’t cheated! They did give me eyedrops and it cleared up! 

    Roman looks cute! 

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to check in and see if any more babies have arrived? 
    How is everyone doing?

    Jellytots1989, funny you should mention the gooey eyes - I was just looking at my youngest baby photos yesterday, and we were talking about how she had green goo in her eyes until she was about 10 months old, then the tear duct popped open and it never happened again. 

  • Hello everyone! 

    sorry I haven't messaged before now, my email hadn’t been verified so I couldn’t reply, sorted it now though! 

    Our beautiful daughter was born on the 11th of January at 40+1 days, she was 8lb 9oz, a very fast water birth which was amazing. We got to go home the same day too. 

    We finally named her Edie Alice, she has settled in really well, her big sister, who’s only 13 months loves her to bits 😁😍



    I hope everyone is doing well, it’s been great to read all your posts, even if I couldn’t reply!

    helen x 

  • SO lovely to hear from you HelsBels! And you had a beautiful girl, congratulations! How are you finding juggling both the girls? 

  • Hi Helsbels we have a similar age gap how you finding it? Its goi F ok but I’m struggling with who’s needs to meet first when both are crying! My LO is only just starting to walk as well which is hard work As I have to carry two at a time! 

  • Yeah, it’s hard work!! My partner had two weeks paternity leave so he went back to work on Monday so only had 3 days on my own so far. 

    I find it easier being out and about as that occupies the older one a bit more, she tends to get bored easily and clings to my knees while i’m Trying to feed the baby! 

    My friend who has twin 3 year olds and a one and a half year old, she gave me some advise...she said deal with the one that screams the loudest!! But also to remember that there is only one if you, and that whoever you deal with first, the other will not remember having to wait a little bit longer for your attention. 

    All great advice I thought but i still struggle with feeling guilty leaving one to cry, or feeling like i’m not giving either of them enough attention. i guess this comes with being a mum though! 

    Overall I am loving it, my oldest is a great big sister and loves her to bits, she gives her kisses on the head, but we do get the occasional bash  to the head!! She doesn’t know any better, so hoping she’ll understand she can’t do that in time! 

    i’m lucky That my oldest is walking quite well, I was determined to get her walking when I found out I was pregnant again, it’s just getting both downstairs that’s a struggle. 


  • Hi ladies!!

    So I’m now an official member of the mommy club! I had a scheduled c section due to a breech babe that had zero interest in flipping (even though I tried every single thing in the book), and Willow Jane arrived around 1:45 pm on the 23rd of January. We didn’t know what the gender was until then are completely smitten with her and I just can’t stop staring. All the clichés immediately came true about how you’ve never known love like that, etc. etc.. It’s unreal! i Just want to cry happy tears every time I look at her and she makes one of those adorable sounds or faces...heck, even her cry at 4 am is still cute to me (hello hormones!!😆). Anyways- I’m gonna post on the birth thread soon, but wanted to share the news. Congrats to everyone else as well! Hope you are all settling into this new chapter nicely. 

    image imageimage

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