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Hi everyone. I am expexting my first child in May and am in two minds about getting any professional photos done. 

The ones I am considering are maternity, hospital and newborn. They all obviously have their benefits to getting them done, but given the price, I'm hoping to get others views to help guide me in making my decision.

Any thoughts or feedback is most helpful. Thanks :)


  • I didn’t get maternity pictures done as I’m self conscious about being in pictures... but I did get Newborn pictures done (both in the hospital at 1day old and at home at 10days old). Honestly I would probably not pay to get he hospital ones done again...  little guy looked like a bloated wrinkly old man with a cone head (from the vacuum) In those pics! 😂. 

    The ones I had done at home were beautiful! By 10 days old his skin & bloating had settled down & his head cone had gone. I also was convinced to get in on some of the pictures and was SO happy I did. The pictures turned out lovely and will always be such a precious reminder of my little blessing! ☺️

  • Thanks SW2 - I hadn't thought of that for the hospital ones. 

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