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How many weeks was your baby when they were able to hold their head up? Tell us over here!

Hi everyone,

We’re wondering how many weeks your baby was, when he or she was able to hold their head up, unsupported?

We know each baby is individual and starts to do things in their own time, so we thought it would be interesting to ask you all when your baby gained their head control. 

We think other mums and dads who read this thread will be interested – and maybe reassured, if they’re a bit worried that their baby isn’t lifting or holding their head.
Please do let us know by posting your reply below.



  • Hector is 7 weeks old today and has started holding his head up for a bit longer in just the last few days. He still goes flop after a bit though 🤣 Currently gets quite cross when we try tummy so we just do a couple of minutes each day.

  • Odin is 6 weeks old today and he's quite strong he has been since day one really he was trying to lift his head at 2-3 days old has got stronger each day and now holds his head up alot still drops it but he's always holding his head up and looking around :) 


  • Joel is 11 weeks. I noticed he was able to flip his head from side to side while on his tummy from 3/4 weeks.Then he gradually got stronger and holds his head up for few seconds from 6 weeks. Amazed as despite his head being at 91st centile (same as weight),he is still able to hold it up ;-)

  • image hi jace still hasnt got good head control he's still a little like a wobbly head dog, as you can see he loves his jumperoo but I have to put something at the back of him to support his head, he will be 16weeks this week so I'm not to worried about it x

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