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My baby's stool has blood mucus in it - help!

Hi, never done one of these before so thought I would try. Well here it goes to try and explain my situation. Right basically my son is 7 weeks old and he has been having runny/seedy nappies for a few days, then I noticed he had blood in it only a little bit and was a bit mucus like. So I took him to the doctor he told me it was nothing to worry about, And told me to send off a sample to the hospital. So I did this, still waiting to hear back. Then he keeps having these poos more often now and there has been more blood in them, And my concern is now he's just been changed where the nappy is basically just blood like mucus and barely any poo. Am going to take him to the walk in centre in the morning but was wondering if anyone has had anything similar. Sorry for the long story. He is also formula fed btw. 


  • My son had this turned out he had milk protine intolerance, apparently it’s not uncommon, he just needed special milk :) he’s all fine now he’s on the protein free milk... did you get your baby checked? Xx 

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