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Baby seems unsettled and overtired

Looking for advice for my 4 week old 😨

It started yesterday shes being as what's normal for her, she was feeding omay 5oz every 2 3 hours but would cry a little normal for one she didnt really nap but would close her eyes for a little it then got the evening time and she was overtired and falling asleep through feeds but as soon as i put her down she would wake up and coo and became so alert when i was trying to make her sleep from 10pm till midnight she was awake and falling asleep for a few ninutes and jumping awake but wasnt dis stressed and doing a high squeal sound every now and again.

She woke up at 4 for a bottle and again at 8 since 8 this morning she's been in and out of sleep and seems really restless but dtowsy more than anything so she must be over tired.

She has had plenty of wet nappies but hasnt been the loo since early hours wednesday morning, but shes notcrying like shes in pain.

Shes upset today and doesn't really wanna feed more then 2 3 oz. I have took her temp (was 34) and seems normal, im just worrying incase shes unwell, she is a little warm but doesn't seem flushed and is not alert today which she usually is and playful

and is sleeping but is waking and feeding a little.

Sorry for the rushed text im just worried because she doesnt seem herself and is really winy today and cries a little in her sleep.

Would appreciate advice  😊 


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