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Baby brain: what has it made you do?

This morning, while I was dropping off my youngest daughter at her half-term club, I pulled up next to a white Jeep, and the back door was wide-open, the baby seat had been taken out of the car - I could see an isofix base in the car. I closed the Jeep door and dropped my daughter off. 

When I got back to my car, I saw the owner of the Jeep and told her I hoped it was alright that I shut the door. She went on to tell me, she had a 7 week old baby, and she’s totally been suffering with baby brain - I mean who hasn’t been there? 

So, we were hoping you would tell us what baby brain has made you do! Let us know by posting below. 


  • The first time my oldest daughter was staying at my mums I was putting a bottle of aptamil In fridge and my keys went in to. I spent the next hour in a panic looking for my keys and upset as I was ill and really wanted the rest. It only was made better when I had to feed my daughter and the keys were in the fridge beside the milk 🤦🏼‍♀️ I also showered with my bra / socks on on more than one occasion 🤣

    It only got worse from there... especially after my 2nd arrived! 

  • Milliesmummy - i left the remote control on the fridge once too 😂😂😂

    I also put my phone in a charity donation bag that i was dropping off at school - was screaming at my husband to FIND MY PHONE and we tracked it down there. What a mare!

    I also rear-ended a car - not sure if that was just bad driving!

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